Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eventide Anthology II Plug-ins Underscore Sonic Creations Of Grammy Nominated Producer Eric Rosse

Eventide’s Anthology II TDM Plug-in bundle, drawing on decades of boundary smashing effects, provides a foundation for many of the innovative sounds of illustrious, Grammy ®-nominated producer Eric Rosse.

A professional musician and composer, as well as producer, Rosse is also known for scoring the highly acclaimed film Hand of Fate. He has worked closely with Gold and Platinum selling artists like Tori Amos, Anna Nalick, Lisa Marie Presley, and Sara Bareilles. Rosse produced the groundbreaking first album of Tori Amos, Little Earthquakes, and continued working with her on her Grammy nominated second album, Under The Pink, which produced smash hit singles across the globe. Rosse now works out of SquawkBox Studio in Silverlake, Los Angeles, maintaining control of projects from development through production, recording, and finishing. In his studio, he relies on Eventide’s Anthology II bundle for a sonic foundation.

“I depend on the great sounds in the Anthology II bundle first and foremost,” said Rosse, “but I also count on their ease of use and depth of programmability. When I’m mixing, just about all the processors are being used, and effects such as Eventide’s great sounding reverbs come in handy for recording drums, guitars and vocals.”

Rosse’s current projects, all of which involve him relying upon Anthology II, include the band White Tie Affair, whose eponymous album will be released on Epic this year. For that project, Rosse leaned heavily on Anthology’s EQ, reverb, compressors, and distortion for special effects and re-amping instruments. Beyond that, Rosse also kept busy with a recently released record by Sara Bareillas and on Anna Nalick’s second album. Nalick’s single was just released, and a preview EP is to be released shortly. Producing and mixing a new rock band on Mercury called Sparky’s Flaw, Rosse drew on Anthology II for EQ and reverb especially.

“The plug-ins in Anthology II speak to me sonically, like my favorite pieces of analog gear do,” Rosse said. “I still use my old Eventide H-3000/SE - it has never gone out of style. Quality is the most important aspect of any piece of gear — even above convenience — and the heritage of Eventide evolving into the Anthology II plug-ins provides both.”

Anthology II contains:
E-Channel™ - configurable channel strip with gate, compressor/limiter with sidechain, and 5-band 48-bit double precision parametric equalization

EQ45 Parametric Equalizer - vintage 48-bit double precision 4-band equalization with high and low cut 12dB/octave filters

EQ65 Filter Set - vintage 48-bit double precision high and low cut 18dB/octave filters, plus 2-band reject or band pass filters

Eventide® Reverb - nine room types from the H8000 with 3-band parametric EQ (pre- and post-reverberator), a compressor (pre or post-reverberator) and stereo delays

H3000 Band Delays™ - eight voices of delay with modulating filters; includes the Function Generator with 19 waveshapes

H3000 Factory™ - patch together any combination of 18 effects; includes the Function Generator with 19 waveshapes

H910 - the original Harmonizer® pitch shifter with delay

H949 - deglitched pitch shifting with delay, reverse, flanging, and randomizer

Instant Phaser™ - recreation of the world’s first phaser

Instant Flanger™ - dedicated flanger with bounce

Omnipressor™ - dynamics processor with an attitude!

Octavox™ - eight-voice diatonic Harmonizer pitch shifter

Precision Time Align™ - track phase alignment tool

Quadravox™ - four-voice diatonic Harmonizer pitch shifter

Ultra-Channel™ - configurable channel strip with gate, compressor/limiter with sidechain,
Omnipressor dynamics processor, 5-band 48-bit double precision parametric equalization, micropitch shifting and stereo delays

Anthology II is fully compliant with ICON, D-Control, D-Command, Venue, Pro Tools 7.4, and is Mac, Universal Binary, and PC compatible.

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