Monday, June 30, 2008

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics Announces DVR Integration With Dice Corporation Central Station Monitoring

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America’s Imaging Products Division today announced an agreement with DICE Corporation to integrate Mitsubishi’s 4700 Series and 5000 Series digital video recorders (DVRs) with DICE’s Central Station Monitoring System (CSMS). DICE’s powerful and highly flexible suite of database, functional, backup and support products will immediately enhance the integration, performance and operation of Mitsubishi DVRs within one unified platform.

“Mitsubishi has long designed our DVRs to provide advanced security imaging, intuitive user-level operation and consistently reliable performance,” said Jeff Kiuchi, product specialist for Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Imaging Products Division. “Today’s announcement with DICE extends this unique value proposition even further into the enterprise, and seamlessly provides central station customers with remote management capabilities.”

With Central Station Alarm Monitoring in place, security personnel in the central monitoring station immediately receive split-screen video feeds when an alarm sounds. These images show live video paired with archived video from the alarm location, allowing personnel to quickly scan the current scene and review what happened just prior to the alarm. They can then assess the situation and quickly decide the best course of action. The system is vital for any enterprise that uses central stations, such as banks, large retailers or home monitoring centers.

Central Station Alarm Monitoring is just one of many Mitsubishi security solution modules that may be mixed and matched with other applications and hardware; they can also be customized to an organization’s specific needs.

DICE’s suite of CSMS products includes Caller ID, which helps to avoid errors by monitoring incoming calls to central station and an authority database that can be used in the dispatch of location-based and monitoring services. Its Menu Generator allows central station users to customize menus and access by operators, and its Query report-generating aid allows operators to search, access and transfer ASCII files to applications such as Microsoft Excel.

Other CSMS features include Storm Mode for use during heavy-traffic times of natural disasters or acts of nature; Hot Redundancy, a file-mirroring technology supported by a complete standby facility; and Dealer Services designed to automate all of the central station's dealer activity by performing tasks such as assigning specific account number ranges to each dealer for look-ups and report sorting.

“Mitsubishi understands the demands of security professionals and develops products accordingly,” noted Mike Simpson, president of DICE Corporation. “This is an attribute that we value and share at DICE and a reason why today’s agreement makes so much sense for our companies and for our clients. We look forward to working with Mitsubishi to advance the functionality and integration of security systems to reducing shrinkage and securing public and private spaces. ”

United Digital Integrators Selects Crown Audio's Commericial Series Amps With XM Radio To Provide Quality Sound For Uptown Kitchen Restaurant

Taking advantage of Crown’s Commercial Audio Series amplifiers with a built-in XM Radio tuner, Uptown Kitchen, located in Granger, Indiana recently underwent a system overhaul and now has clear, balanced background music throughout the restaurant, matching the bright and fun atmosphere the owners have created.

Unhappy with the previous system, Owner Jonathan Lutz turned to United Digital Integrators (UDI) to fix their “musical problems” and bring in a great sounding and easy to use solution for their indoor and outdoor seating areas. Prior to the installation, the previous system needed to be reset every 20 minutes, causing massive interruption with the service of its customers. By using the Crown amplifier with built-in XM Radio service, Jonathan is able to change stations between the breakfast and dinner crowds to match the atmosphere he’s created for each.

The new system consists of two Crown amplifiers; the 180MAx Pack is an 80W mixer amplifier with built-in XM Radio tuner and comes with four JBL Control 1S speakers. The system also includes a Crown 1160MA 160W single channel amplifier and eight additional JBL Control 1S speakers.

“Our goal for Uptown Kitchen was to fix two big issues; the unreliable digital music player and to eliminate hot spots in the audio system,” said Kevin Cleary, president of UDI. “We’ve used the Crown/JBL combination in previous jobs and they always complement each other very well. We wanted to give Jonathan a convenient solution with even sound throughout the restaurant and I think we achieved that goal.”

“Working with UDI was an extremely good experience,” said Uptown Kitchen Owner Jonathan Lutz. “Kevin and his team clearly knew what they were doing! They finally solved our problems with our music system. The sound is fantastic and completely surpassed our expectations.”

Crown’s 180MAx is its first integrated tuner-mixer-amplifier designed for commercial use and delivers XM Satellite Radio programming in digital sound quality as part of the XM for Business service, managed by PlayNetwork, Inc. on behalf of XM Satellite Radio. The 180MAx is currently available through PlayNetwork, Inc.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Periscope Book Light In A Book Cover Stays With The Book You're Reading

Periscope® LED Book Light in a Bookcover™ for hardcover and paperback books lets you read wherever you want to read without cords, clips, or clutter!

Now here’s an idea whose time is long overdue: a battery powered book light in a book cover that always stays with the book you are reading — wherever you choose to read! That’s the positively brilliant idea behind the Periscope® Book Light in a Book Cover™, now available nationwide, in versions for both hard cover and paperback books, at Barnes & Noble stores and at

How bright is the idea behind Periscope?
The patented Periscope Book Light in a Bookcover eliminates all cords, clips and clutter and let you read what you want where you want in all types of low-light reading environments — all while protecting the reader’s privacy. These Periscope products feature a LED book light, a bookcover, and a bookmark in a single lightweight unit. Unlike other reading lights, the Periscope book light is always with the book you are reading!

Readers never have to search for or carry a separate light for the hardcover or paperback book they’re reading. Simply slip the book into the Periscope bookcover (there are separate covers for hardcover and mass market paperback books), pull up the retractable light that’s stored in the spine of the book cover and start reading in the dark! The Periscope adjustable twin, wide-angle LED light automatically turns on when the arm is extended and shuts off when collapsed into the cover. What’s more, because the light is totally adjustable, readers can put the reading light precisely where they want it for maximum reading comfort. And, because Periscope is battery powered by three AA batteries that deliver over 40 hours of continuous light, there are no cords or plugs to worry about.

The Periscope paperback Book Light in a Bookcover fits all mass market sized soft cover books and carries a suggested retail price of $34.95. The Periscope hardcover Book Light in a Bookcover carries a suggested retail price of only $39.95 and accommodates best-seller hardcover, trade paperbacks, and Bibles. Both models come with a built-in bookmark and inside pockets to hold tickets or other travel documents. A mini travel AC adapter is available for both models for a suggested retail price of $14.95.

Who can benefit from a Periscope Book Light in a Bookcover? Anyone and everyone who likes to read without interruption! Late night readers, red-eye business travelers, campers, and virtually anyone who has ever found himself or herself trying to read in a low light environment.

For more information about Periscope products, visit or contact Eric Fisherman at 201.447.9760 or at


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Harman Pro Group Tapped by Panasonic Systems Integration for Cinema Audio at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

Underscoring the unmatched performance and flexibility of Harman Pro Cinema Products, Panasonic Systems Integration has chosen JBL ScreenArray® loudspeakers and Crown DSi amplifiers for the Cinema system at The Mezzanine Showroom in the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

The recently renovated, $28-million, 1,500-seat Mezzanine Showroom Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino currently houses the largest version of the Broadway hit “Stomp” production to date.

A major part of the Planet Hollywood experience is the excitement surrounding World movie premieres and this required the creation of a Cinema that has become an ideal venue for the Hollywood Studios. The solution includes a method of quickly converting the Showroom into a Digital Cinema that meets all of the stringent technical requirements of the industry while providing a “Premiere Class” Theater with a unique Las Vegas experience.

The system consists of a total of 15 Crown DSi amps including five DSi1000 for the mains and surrounds, three DSi2000 for surrounds and seven DSi4000 for additional amplification of the mains and the subs. There are a total of 40 JBL loudspeakers used during each screening consisting of three 4632 systems for the mains, 20, 8340A for main surrounds, four 4642A subs and 13 Control 29AV rear surrounds located in the balcony.

The removable audio system is designed to provide theatergoers with the highest quality cinema sound playback during movie screenings. Commenting on the install, Stephen Morris, V.P. of Sales for JBL Professional Cinema Group noted, “As the cinema market evolves and theaters take on a more multi-use design, our loudspeakers and amplifiers are increasingly selected because of their unrivaled performance for a multitude of applications. The Planet Hollywood Showroom Theatre in Las Vegas is a premium entertainment showcase and we are pleased and encouraged to have our products and technologies at the forefront of these activities.”

“Cinematic audio reproduction has to follow strict guidelines based on the requirements of movie studios and Dolby,” said David Malvin, Project Manager at Panasonic Systems Integration, a division of Panasonic System Solutions Company. “We knew that we needed a state of the art, turnkey system and the Crown / JBL system did just that. We can fly in the projector screen, assemble the scaffolding and set up all of the audio components in about three hours and strike it in one and a half hours. When completed, the sound is truly awesome! We use Crown and JBL products in almost every installation of this kind that we do and there was no reason to deviate in this case.”

When choosing audio components for the Theatre, Martin Collins, System Designer for Panasonic Systems Integration, polled a number of cinema consultants and movie studio executives who all quickly endorsed the selection of the JBL / Crown products.

“JBL’s cinema products are clearly the industry standard due to their performance and ease of installation,” said Collins. “As installers with a narrow timeline, using Crown’s DSi Series with built-in DSP processing makes the whole process run smoothly. Additionally, all of the studio executives and sound production engineers who work on these films are used to hearing a soundtrack in a world-class theater. Our goal was to recreate that experience to a “T” so they can hear the same world-class sound they have in the Screening rooms at the studios.”

The Crown DSi Series includes three models rated at 500W, 800W, and 1200W per channel at 4 ohms; DSi1000, DSi2000 and DSi4000 respectively. Each model contains onboard digital signal processing that includes crossovers, EQ filters, delay and output limiting. At the touch of a button, the DSi Cinema amplifers will deliver perfectly matched performance with each award-winning JBL ScreenArray system, making this the ultimate cinema solution. Additionally, JBL’s Screen Array products are designed to meet the need of any cinema application and are available for all applications.

About Panasonic System Solutions Company
Panasonic System Solutions Company, Unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, is a world leader in professional electronics providing innovative systems solutions for a wide range of business applications including: industry leading i-Pro IP and analog video surveillance solutions through its Security Systems division; imaging devices for the medical, industrial, and entertainment industries through its Vision Systems division; point-of-sale workstations and drive-thru communications systems for the quick-service and hospitality industries through its Information Systems division; and large screen LED digital signage, digital sports coaching systems, and integrated technology solutions through its Systems Integration division. Based in Secaucus, NJ, Panasonic Corporation of North America is the principal North American subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (NYSE:MC) of Japan. For information on Panasonic products visit Additional information for journalists is available at

For more information, contact Panasonic Systems Integration by calling toll free 1-877-438-7881 or visiting

Harman Cinema Group Introduces New JBL Digital Surround Series Cinema Loudspeakers

Providing cinema exhibition venues and post-production facilities with unprecedented audio performance and versatility, JBL Professional today introduced two new Digital Surround Series loudspeakers as the latest additions to its award-winning line of cinema loudspeaker systems. Two new surround models, the 8320 Surround and the 8350 Surround, join the popular 8340A Surround loudspeaker to provide an ideal surround sound solution for every digital application.

The new JBL 8320 compact surround loudspeaker boasts 150 Watts of power in a very compact molded enclosure. The 8320 low-cost system features internal Thermomaster® technology, which allows for unprecedented high-frequency power and an 8-inch long-throw woofer for extended low frequency.

The new JBL 8350 high power digital cinema surround loudspeaker offers 350 Watts of power and very high sensitivity for digital presentations that require extended dynamic range. The high-frequency section features a titanium compression driver with a constant coverage horn for high output capability with very even high-frequency coverage.

The JBL 8340A Surround has been the choice of theaters and post-production venues throughout the world and remains the standard of the new JBL Digital Surround Series.

The new 8320, new 8350, and 8340A Digital Surround Series models are THX® Approved.

“The addition of the new JBL 8320 and JBL 8350 Digital Surrounds to the JBL Cinema line ensures that the Harman Cinema Group can meet the requirements of every cinema application and price point throughout the world,” said Chuck Goodsell, Director of Cinema Marketing, JBL Professional. “With JBL ScreenArray® screen channel systems and the new Digital Surround Series powered by Crown DSi amplifiers, the Harman Cinema Group provides the most advanced total cinema sound solution in the cinema industry.”

See the new JBL Digital Surround Series at Booth 166 at Cinema Expo.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Staging Techniques Adds To Reputation For Excellence With JBL VERTEC® Line Arrays

Reinforcing JBL VERTEC® as the most versatile, visually discreet line array system in the industry, Staging Techniques, one of the country’s leading event and show production companies, recently added 48 VERTEC VT4888 midsize line array elements to its inventory. With offices in Atlanta, Hollywood, New York and Seattle, Staging Techniques provides a complete array of production support services for events, including audio/video production, lighting design, production management and venue coordination.

Bryce Will, General Manager for Staging Techniques’ Seattle office, cited VERTEC’s rider-friendly qualities as a major factor in the purchasing decision. “Though our business is largely corporate event support, there is always the possibility that an entertainment rider will impact our system specifications,” Will said. “In such cases VERTEC will always be accepted as a high-performance PA system. Secondly, JBL’s service and support are recognized as the best in the industry. If there is ever a problem, they can respond quickly and efficiently with vast support resources. Thirdly, JBL’s position in the Harman Pro group of companies makes it possible for us to deploy a complete, integrated package including Crown amplifiers, dbx signal processing and the VERTEC line array loudspeakers.”

According to Will, the small footprint of VERTEC midsize line array loudspeakers was another major factor in purchasing the system. “A typical challenge for us is designing around projection or other video display screens, lighting trusses and camera angles, all of which are production elements we supply regularly for our clients,” Will said. “The relatively small footprint of a VERTEC line array system when compared to a conventional one is a huge asset in our day-to-day operations. The savings in layout time alone is a tremendous advantage.”

Further lowering Staging Techniques’ total cost of ownership of the VERTEC system is the product’s easy suspension and setup. “VERTEC is very easy to install and strike, another obvious benefit with respect to labor and venue costs--less cable, fewer speakers and amplifiers, and much higher performance over a conventional, distributed system,” Will said. “We are very pleased with the system from an operational perspective, from truck pack to setup speed to sonic performance. When properly designed during pre-production and optimized for the space, the system comes out of the truck, gets rigged and just works.”

Once Staging Techniques purchased the VERTEC system, members of Staging Techniques’ staff attended a certified VERTEC Training Program session at the JBL Professional headquarters in Northridge, California. “We all recognize that the line array is a different animal than conventional speaker systems,” Will added. “Getting our staff up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible was vital to rolling out our new system. We finished the system commissioning and two days later the system was flown and working on a show. The first-rate training at JBL made this possible.”

Staging Techniques has already deployed the VERTEC system for many corporate events and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. “Our client list includes some of the most demanding corporate buyers in the technology, financial services and consumer products industries,” Will added. “A number of these very demanding clients that have heard the new system in action have, without exception, been very impressed.”

For more information on Staging Techniques, please visit or call 206-352-0300.

JBL Professional Debuts New VERTEC® DP Series Powered Full-Size Models With JBL DrivePack® Technology

Optional network input modules ensure compliance with Harman Professional’s HiQnet™ system for remote control and monitoring.

Rounding out its VERTEC® Series line array family of powered and passive loudspeaker models for the professional tour/rental and performance-venue markets, JBL Professional today introduced the JBL VERTEC VT4889ADP powered full-size line array element and the companion VT4880ADP Ultra Long Excursion powered full-size arrayable subwoofer. Both models are integrated audio systems featuring field-proven JBL DrivePack® technology. Co-developed with Harman Pro Group sister companies Crown International and dbx Professional, the high-performance JBL DrivePack electronics modules with integral digital signal processing couple seamlessly with VERTEC loudspeakers. These latest powered full-size models in the JBL VERTEC DP Series deliver superb audio quality with robust reserve power, using digital electronics perfectly matched to the enclosures.

The JBL DrivePack DP-3 module features Crown’s exclusive BCA (Balanced Current Amplification) technology, incorporating Class I circuitry with temperature-compensated modulation. State-of-the-art feedback circuits enable the JBL DrivePack to set a new standard for performance in digital amplification, with lower noise and distortion specifications than other high-power switching amplifiers. The units include an auto-sensing Universal Power Supply and a fan-free, passive, cooling design. The three-channel DP-3 offers a full rated output power of 6,000 watts peak, 3,000 watts continuous (at load) for the VT4889ADP, and 6,900W peak, 3,500W continuous for the VT4880ADP subwoofer.

The standard input module from dbx features analog audio inputs, dbx’s Type IV™ analog-to-digital conversion circuitry, and sophisticated onboard digital signal processing technology. Precision bandpass limiting, pre-equalization filters and automatic self-test functions ensure optimized performance. The modular input bay design allows for insertion of optional networked modules.

Powered Full-Size High Directivity Line Array Element

The VT4889ADP 3-way full-size line array element is a powerful, lightweight option for applications requiring powered loudspeaker systems. It is fitted with two 380 mm (15 in) low frequency transducers, four 203 mm (8 in) midrange components and three 76 mm (1.5 in) neodymium compression drivers with beryllium diaphragms. It weighs only 93.1 kg (205 lb), enabling the assembly of large powered arrays of multiple units, yet each unit is capable of delivering 143 dB SPL maximum output (1 m).

The VT4889ADP and its companion subwoofer, the VT4880ADP, are pre-configured from the JBL factory with JBL’s new V4 DSP preset data, developed with the aid of JBL’s exclusive LDM™ (Loudspeaker Data Manager) software, and offering optimized acoustical performance.

Powered Full-Size Ultra Long Excursion Arrayable Subwoofer

The VT4880ADP 2 x 18-inch arrayable subwoofer is a high output, lightweight companion subwoofer to complement VT4889ADP full-range loudspeaker systems. It is fitted with two new 457 mm (18 in) model 2269G ultra long-excursion low frequency transducers, each of which is rated at 2000W continuous, 8000W peak. The subwoofer is capable of delivering 137 dB SPL (1 m). This powered subwoofer weighs only 99.9 kg (220 lb), enabling the construction of extremely powerful VLF (Very Low Frequency) arrays of multiple units. The unit is designed to be suspended in stand-alone arrays, coupled with VT4889ADP’s in the same array, or ground-stacked as required.

Optional Network Modules: HiQnet™ Compatible

The optional networked DPCN (Cobranet™-compatible) input modules from Crown allow JBL VERTEC DP Series systems to link seamlessly into Harman Professional’s HiQnet™ system. With optional network modules installed, users have remote control and monitoring access to system functionality and digital speaker presets, via System Architect software. HiQnet compliance ensures that VERTEC DP Series system products offer a variety of configuration and monitoring functions, through software control panels that address not only JBL DrivePack-equipped loudspeakers, but also other HiQnet-compliant audio products from Harman Professional companies that may be integrated into a sound system.

JBL VERTEC Product Line Compatibility: User Advantages

Most passive system enclosures in the VERTEC Series, including the VT4889-1 and VT4880A upon which the new powered DP Series versions are based, are pre-engineered to be JBL DrivePack-compatible. This allows existing VERTEC system owners, as well as new customers, to leverage the distinct performance and business advantages the JBL VERTEC DrivePack technology platform can provide, with JBL DrivePack retrofit kits. These advantages include reduced system configuration costs, less concern over cooling needs in low-noise environments like performing arts centers due to the JBL DrivePack’s fan-free design, and transportation and installation savings due to lower space requirements when compared to traditional amplifier racks.

“JBL’s latest powered models effectively equip the VERTEC DP Series with options in all size categories for line array elements--compact, midsize and now full-size. This provides a comprehensive set of solutions for high-end, powered loudspeaker applications,” said David Scheirman, Vice President of Tour Sound, JBL Professional. “Now, in addition to the premium-quality sound available with passive models in the VERTEC Series of line array systems, we’re providing a suite of powered models with all of the improved consistency that such system products can offer to our customers in the tour sound and fixed-installation performing arts markets. These new powered full-size VT4889ADP full-range line array and VT4880ADP arrayable subwoofer systems bring all of the integrated-system advantages of our smaller and more compact powered models to the broad range of high-end system users in the concert touring and corporate/AV market segments who require high-performance, large-scale sound reinforcement solutions.”

JBL Professional Offers Added Flexibility And Performance With New Control® Contractor 40 Series Premium In-Ceiling Specialty Loudspeakers

The Control Contractor 40 Series adds five premium models to JBL’s industry-leading lineup of in-ceiling loudspeakers.

At InfoComm 08, JBL Professional is extending its category-leading Control® Contractor Series loudspeakers to an even wider variety of applications with the new Control Contractor 40 Series premium in-ceiling specialty loudspeakers. Several of the models incorporate JBL’s breakthrough conical Radiation Boundary Integrator® (RBI™) technology, providing exceptionally broad and consistent pattern control with superior sonic performance.

“As customer expectations for audio quality continue to increase, we are pleased to introduce a new ceiling speaker line that not only provides extended bandwidth and improved fidelity, but also saves the customers money by covering their space more evenly with fewer speakers,” said Rick Kamlet, Senior Market Director, Commercial Sound, JBL Professional. “With the introduction of the Control Contractor 40 Series, JBL’s lineup of high-performance ceiling speakers is even more versatile for our dealers, while remaining affordable and easy to install.”

Designed to be the systems integrator’s go-to speaker line for a wide variety of everyday applications, the Control Contractor 40 Series encompasses five new models, with three of the models—the Control 47C/T, Control 47LP and Control 47HC—incorporating JBL’s proprietary Conical Radiation Boundary Integrator (RBI), adapted from JBL’s groundbreaking VERTEC® series line array loudspeakers. This unique innovation combines a large-diameter, high-frequency waveguide and low-frequency projection apertures that work together to provide extremely consistent pattern control and coverage. Rounding out the new Control Contractor 40 Series lineup are the Control 40CS/T, a subwoofer with built-in passive crossover, and the Control 42C, an ultra-compact, in-ceiling satellite speaker.

The Control 47C/T two-way ceiling speaker provides exceptionally consistent 120-degree coverage, making it ideal for customers who want to save money by covering the floor space with fewer speakers while simultaneously achieving better coverage of the listening space. The Control 47C/T produces bass to 50 Hz, making it perfect also for applications where extended bass is needed. The 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch soft-dome tweeter provide a wide and smooth
frequency response.

The Control 47LP low-profile model provides the same great sound character and 120-degree coverage, but in a package that is only 134 mm (5.3 inches) deep, for locations with minimal ceiling clearance. The Control 47LP can be intermixed with the Control 47C/T for use in areas where ceiling access is shallow, or it can be used as the primary speaker in applications that either do not require the extended bass of the Control 47C/T or where a separate subwoofer will be utilized.

The Control 47HC narrow-coverage, high-ceiling model is designed for use in applications requiring narrow, focused coverage, such as venues with highly reflective surfaces or in high-ceiling applications. The narrow coverage is well-controlled over a wide bandwidth, resulting in clearer sound and improved intelligibility in spaces with high reverberation by directing the sound more precisely to a specified listening area while minimizing “over-splash” into adjacent areas or walls that could otherwise overexcite the space’s reverberation.

The Control 42C ultra-compact, satellite speaker utilizes a 60 mm (2.5 inch) driver that produces a smooth frequency response in a very small, visually unobtrusive size. Intended for use with the Control 40CS/T subwoofer to form a full-bandwidth system, the Control 42C speaker allows coverage of an extremely large floor space from a small “sub-sat” system.

The Control 40CS/T compact subwoofer, incorporating a powerful 200 mm (8 inch) driver, can add substantial low-frequency reinforcement to any in-ceiling sound system. The integral passive crossover network is optimized for use with two or four Control 42C satellite speakers, forming an extremely high-fidelity “sub-sat” system. The Control 40CS/T can be driven either from a low-impedance amplifier or from a 70V/100V distributed speaker line, and the multi-tap transformer allows separate volume adjustment of multiple sub-sat systems driven from the same 70V/100V line.

The Control Contractor 40 Series adds five new premium in-ceiling loudspeakers to JBL Professional’s lineup of in-ceiling speakers, which also includes a broad selection of in-ceiling small-format models, Control 200 Series medium-format models, and Control 300 Series large-format in-ceiling speakers.

JBL Professional Debuts The Control® 2P Versatile Compact Powered Reference Monitor

The Control 2P Compact Powered Reference Monitor is ideal for a broad range of applications in broadcast, desktop audio production and commercial audio installations.

Delivering a powerful, accurate, yet affordable reference monitor for a variety of environments, JBL Professional is introducing the Control® 2P Compact Powered Reference Monitor at InfoComm 08. The Control 2P is a 5-inch two-way powered stereo system with accuracy and features required for professional broadcast and desktop production applications. Mounting capability and compact format make the Control 2P ideal for small fixed install applications and portable presentation systems.

The Control 2P is based on the platform of its legendary predecessor, the Control 1 Pro, utilizing the same studio-quality transducers and crossover, while incorporating internal amplification and features for professional audio production and installation. The system includes two speakers, one of which incorporates power amplification and user controls for itself and the connected passive speaker. Snap-on pedestals are included to optimize the listening angle for desktop production applications.

“The development of the Control 2P is JBL’s response to the demand for a compact, accurate system in broadcast, desktop audio production and commercial install applications,” said Peter Chaikin, Director of Marketing, Recording & Broadcast, JBL Professional. “Affordable computer-based desktop audio/video production is driving the need for an affordable yet accurate reference monitor. Additionally, broadcasters have an ongoing need for a compact, high-quality professional monitor that will perform reliably in fixed and mobile systems. And systems integrators need a compact high fidelity system for use in environments such as small conference rooms and commercial spaces.”

Desktop Audio/Video Production
The Control 2P loudspeaker can be utilized as a professional reference monitor, adding full, accurate sound to desktop audio/video production systems at a price comparable to that of a pair of computer speakers. The Control 2P offers high output and impressive low frequency for its size, providing the performance needed when working with unprocessed music tracks and audio signals. The Control 2P also incorporates convenient features for professional desktop production including: a headphone jack; side-mounted large volume control, which simultaneously controls the left and right speakers; an internal peak limiter that protects the system from damage caused by continuous overdriving; and an overload protection system with an LED indicator. A high-frequency contour control allows the user to tailor high-frequency response to application requirements. Included snap-on pedestals elevate the front of each Control 2P speaker to optimize the listening angle in desktop applications.

“Affordable computer-based desktop audio/video production is driving the need for a really affordable and accurate reference monitor,” Chaikin said. “The production customer on a budget can now have accuracy, fidelity and JBL quality required for professional content creation.”

With impressive output and accuracy in a compact form-factor, the Control 2P is the ideal utility monitor for the professional broadcast environment. The Control 2P offers excellent acoustic attributes, with linear frequency response and impressive low-frequency performance. Integrating the high-sensitivity Control 2P transducers and a 35 watt-per-channel amplifier, the system boasts remarkable peak output.

Meeting the needs of broadcasters, the Control 2P includes magnetically shielded transducers for use near magnetically sensitive equipment, and balanced XLR inputs that allow connection to professional recording and broadcast equipment. Integrated mounting capability and an optional mounting kit allow the system to be wall mounted in broadcast facilities.

“The Control 2P provides broadcasters with a more affordable, higher-performance system than previously available, making it ideal for use in control rooms and mobile systems,” Chaikin added.

Commercial Audio
Small conference rooms and portable presentation systems can now benefit from high output and JBL fidelity at an unprecedented price point. The light weight and portability of the system allows the Control 2P to be easily transported in a shoulder bag, along with a portable projector and laptop. The Control 2P features unbalanced RCA inputs for connection to consumer-level devices including projector outputs, CD players, computers and personal music playback systems. For fixed installation applications, the Control 2P is wall-mount capable with an optional mounting kit.

“Thanks to its versatility and high performance, the Control 2P is ideal for video and audio playback systems and portable presentation configurations,” Chaikin said. “Combine this with the product’s affordability, and the Control 2P is a no-brainer for a broad range of applications.”

The Control 2P system includes one powered “master” speaker, one passive extension speaker, and power supply, for $249.00 MSRP. The Control 2P powered Master speaker is also available separately with a power supply for $189.00 MSRP. The optional MTC-2P Mounting Kit contains two wall-mount brackets and a power supply holster, for $25.00 MSRP.

JBL Professional Builds On Success Of AE Series With New AE Compact Loudspeaker Family

The AE Compact series features eight new loudspeaker models, providing greater flexibility for system designers and integrators.

Expanding on its immensely popular Application Engineered (AE) Series loudspeakers, JBL Professional today introduced eight new compact AE Series loudspeaker models at InfoComm 08. The new AE Compact loudspeaker series provides even more options for system designers and integrators in a variety of applications.

“The demand for loudspeaker systems that provide added flexibility and even greater sonic clarity continues to grow with the evolution of the systems integration industry,” said Jon Sager, Director of Market Development, Installed Sound, JBL Professional. “The new AE Compact loudspeaker series addresses these demands, enabling sound designers and installers to best meet the needs of any given environment, including performing arts venues, houses of worship, sports facilities, corporate board rooms, and dance clubs.”

The new AE Compact loudspeaker family consists of eight high-output, 2-way loudspeaker models incorporating either single or dual woofers, including 5.25-inch, 6.5-inch, and 8-inch transducers. The high-frequency sections include a one-inch dome tweeter for two models (AC15 and AC25), while the remaining six models incorporate one-inch exit compression drivers.

The AC18 and AC28 models offer the system designer a choice of rotatable Progressive Transition™ waveguides with
coverage patterns of 90 x 50 degrees or 120 x 60 degrees. In addition to providing smooth, low-distortion sound, Progressive Transition waveguides deliver uniform off-axis frequency response to every point within the intended coverage area, not just in the horizontal and vertical planes. PT Waveguides combine outstanding pattern control with undistorted sound for natural music and intelligible speech. The AC25, AC26 and AC28 models incorporate JBL’s Filtered Array Technology (FAT™), which allows each of the low-frequency transducers to be independently controlled for magnitude and phase response, resulting in smoother power response and constant coverage.

Adding to the flexibility of the AE Compact models are the multiple attachment points strategically located on each model for ease of mounting either with an optional U-bracket or with an OmniMount® type mounting bracket. Additionally, the AC16, AC26, AC18, and AC28 models include attachment points on the bottom of each enclosure for a stand mount accessory.

Every enclosure is constructed with multi-ply hardwood and finished with JBL's proprietary DuraFlex™ paint for the utmost in strength and durability. Each loudspeaker system utilizes “best in class” components and is voiced to work with all AE Series loudspeaker systems. In addition, each transducer has been subject to JBL's grueling 100-hour torture test to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

The new eight models in the AE Compact Series include:
• AC15 ultra-compact, 2-way loudspeaker system with one 5.25-inch low-frequency transducer, weighing 4.75 kg (10.5 lb), with a power rating of 150W Continuous, 600W Peak and a coverage pattern of 90 x 90 degrees.
• AC25 ultra-compact, 2-way loudspeaker system with one 5.25-inch low-frequency transducer, weighing 7.5 kg (16.5 lb), with a power rating of 225W Continuous, 900W Peak and a coverage pattern of 90 x 90 degrees.
• AC16 ultra-compact, 2-way loudspeaker system with one 6.5-inch low-frequency transducer, weighing 7.2 kg (15.8 lb), with a power rating of 200W Continuous, 800W Peak and a coverage pattern of 90 x 90 degrees.
• AC26 ultra-compact, 2-way loudspeaker system with two 6.5-inch low-frequency transducers, weighing 11.0 kg (24.3 lb), with a power rating of 300W Continuous, 1200W Peak and a coverage pattern of 90 x 90 degrees.
• AC18/95 compact, two-way loudspeaker system with one 8-inch low-frequency transducer, weighing 12.8 kg (28.2 lb), with a power rating of 250W Continuous, 1000W Peak and a coverage pattern of 90 x 50 degrees.
• AC18/26 compact, two-way loudspeaker system with one 8-inch low-frequency transducer, weighing 12.8 kg (28.2 lb), with a power rating of 250W Continuous, 1000W Peak and a coverage pattern of 120 x 60 degrees.
• AC28/95 compact, 2-way loudspeaker system with two 8-inch low-frequency transducers, weighing 18.6 kg (40.9 lb), with a power rating of 375W Continuous, 1500 Peak and a coverage pattern of 90 x 50 degrees.
• AC28/26 compact, 2-way loudspeaker system with two 8-inch low-frequency transducers, weighing 18.6 kg (40.9 lb), with a power rating of 375W Continuous, 1500 Peak and a coverage pattern of 120 x 60 degrees.

JBL Professional Introduces 8100 Series In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

The 8100 Series features 4-inch and 8-inch models, providing cost-effective solutions for commercial applications.

Offering cost-effective solutions combined with ease of installation and elegant styling, JBL Professional is introducing the new 8100 Series ceiling speakers at InfoComm 08. The 8100 Series are full-range in-ceiling loudspeakers with high sensitivity, low distortion, and smooth frequency response.

The 8100 Series lineup includes two models: the 8124, a 4-inch loudspeaker with extremely wide coverage; and the 8128, an 8-inch loudspeaker that offers extended bass response and higher SPL output. Both speakers feature high sensitivity for maximum system efficiency and excellent full-range response, making them ideal for small to medium background music systems. Low-saturation transformers with taps as low as 0.75 Watts allow the use of many speakers on 70V/100V distributed loudspeaker system lines. The 8100 Series are “open-back” ceiling speakers with pre-attached dog-ears, offering an affordable solution for commercial applications that do not require backcans. An elegant design featuring a sculpted grille provides a stylish look that fits into a wide variety of decors.

“The JBL 8100 Series in-ceiling loudspeakers provide an optimal combination of affordability and quality,” said Rick Kamlet, Senior Market Director, Commercial Sound, JBL Professional. “Their ease of installation and wide coverage makes them a great fit for cost-effective installations in a variety of environments.”

Harman Pro North America Bolsters US Sales And Support Team: Name John Hart Director Of Sales, Digital Console Group

Twenty-Year Veteran Of Sales And Digital Mixing/Recording Adds Experience,
Expertise To North America Sales Team.

As part of its ongoing commitment to bolster sales and support services in the North American market, Harman Pro North America, the North American Distributor for Studer and Soundcraft, today announced the appointment of industry veteran and proven sales leader, John Hart as Director of Sales, Digital Console Group. In his new position, Hart will report directly to Nick Owen, Vice President of Sales, Harman Pro North America (HPNA), who made the announcement today.

With over two decades of sales experience in the audio industry, Hart joins HPNA from Audio Agent where he served as a Vice President of Direct Sales and was responsible for expanding the company’s worldwide reach as well as expanding direct sales in North America. Hart also spent 5 years at AMS Neve Inc., where after one year as Vice President of West Coast Sales, he was promoted to President, a post he held for more than four years.

After graduating from the University of Illinois in 1986, Hart began his career as a sales representative and product specialist for Westlake Audio, followed by a term as sales representative and systems specialist for Euphonix, and then a Western US Sales Manager for Otari Corp.

“We are very pleased to find someone with remarkable credentials to serve as our director of sales,” said Owen. “With his experience in the sale of high-end consoles as well as a systems specialist, John was exactly the candidate we were hoping to find and we are excited to have him onboard.”

Operating out of the company’s Northridge, California office, Hart oversees U.S. sales of Studer and Soundcraft digital consoles including Soundcraft’s Vi4 and Vi6 professional mixing consoles as well as Studer’s Vista line of products which uses the company’s patented Vistonics™ screen layout for more comfortable working environment.

Hart noted, “Joining HPNA is a great opportunity and a great challenge. I’m excited to work with two of the industry leaders in live and broadcast digital mixing consoles.”

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum To Unveil Exhibit Featuring Studer Tape Recorder Used On Seminal Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Album

Beatles enthusiasts and recording buffs will now have the opportunity to view one of the pair of original Studer J37 Multi-Track Recorders used in the recording of the Beatles’ historic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. The J37 recorder, on loan from Studer’s own museum, will be included in the newly renovated exhibit dedicated to the Beatles at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, scheduled to reopen later this month. The timing of this contribution to the museum coincides perfectly with Studer’s 60th anniversary in the professional audio and recording business.

The Studer J37 originally went into production in 1964 and became the first 4-channel studio-quality tape recorder on the market. The two recorders used on the album were located in Studio Two at the legendary EMI Recording Studios in London (later to become known as Abbey Road Studios).

“The Beatles exhibit has always been one of our most popular exhibits and Studer’s J37 multi-track recorder will make an exciting addition ,” said Jim Henke, Vice President of Exhibitions and Curatorial Affairs at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Bruno Hochstrasser, Executive Vice President of Sales for Studer remembers that period well, having served 37 years with the company. Also celebrating his 60th birthday this year, Hochstrasser noted, “The J37 made history as the first studio-quality, multi-track recorder to be produced. The Beatles use of it in the recording of the Sgt Pepper’s album was confirmation of the J37’s innovative legacy. Studer has an amazing heritage in the music business, with numerous major albums having been recorded on Studer tape machines. Loaning this piece of history to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame reminds us of Studer’s long association with the recording industry and especially Rock and Roll music.”

Andy Trott, President of twin companies Soundcraft and Studer (and a self-confessed Beatles ‘addict’) added, “A few years ago, when I visited one of Studer’s studios in our offices near Zurich in Switzerland, I saw this J37 for the first time and got a thrill at the thought of John, Paul, George and Ringo standing alongside it forty or so years ago listening to a take of Sgt Pepper’s! I hope visitors to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will enjoy the experience of being in the presence of a piece of music history as much as I did”.

The eighth studio album for The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was recorded over a 129-day period using a pair of Studer J37s. The album was released on June 1, 1967 in the U.K. followed by the U.S. debut on June 2nd.

Geoff Emerick, the audio engineer behind the success of the album was asked to re-engineer a tribute album marking the 40th anniversary on June 1, 2007. For this recording, Emerick used two of the original Studer J37 multi-track recorders as well as two of the original EMI mixing consoles provided by Mark Knopfler and Lenny Kravitz. Additionally, Emerick borrowed essential vintage AKG microphone models from the AKG Museum in Vienna, Austria.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is the nonprofit organization that exists to educate visitors, fans and scholars from around the world about the history and continuing significance of rock and roll music. It carries out this mission both through its operation of a world-class museum that collects, preserves, exhibits and interprets this art form and through its library and archives as well as its educational programs.

The Museum is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. On Wednesdays, the Museum is open until 9 p.m. Museum admission is $22 for adults, $17 for seniors (65+), $13 for youth (9-12), $18 for adult residents of Greater Cleveland. Children under 8 and Museum members are free. The Museum is generously funded by Cuyahoga County residents through Cuyahoga Arts and Culture. When you become a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, the world of rock and roll becomes yours to explore. Call 216.515.1939 for information on becoming a member. For general inquiries, please call 216.781.ROCK.

Immanuel Bible Church Capitalizes On The Power, Flexibility Of Studer Vista 5 Super Intuitive Interface

Vistonics User Interface Eases Transition For Volunteer Technicians During Services

Demonstrating the ease of use and reliable performance of the Studer Vista 5 digital live console, the Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, Virginia recently purchased a 42 fader Vista 5. The console, which has been installed at front-of-house in the 1,100-seat auditorium, was selected for its input and output capacity, its simplicity of use by novice operators, and its flexibility, allowing simultaneous control of the main house system and monitors as a truly 2-man console.

Services at Immanuel Bible Church range from the very simple, involving a dozen inputs, to large events such as Easter pageants, where 120 inputs are not unusual. Since many of the services rely on volunteers to mix the audio, operation had to be intuitive.

Tim Heacock, the church’s Director of Audio, Visual and Lighting, comments, “We’ve been able to effortlessly train volunteers to use the console due to its ease of use and Vistonics interface. During our Easter program, one operator was able to easily mix 79-channels of audio to the mains, 8 stage monitors and 2 “pit” feeds to the choir, as well as numerous additional outputs for other important tasks.“

The Vistonics user interface provides access to a complete set of functions displayed next to each rotary dial across all channels. All necessary parameters, including EQ, gain, Aux sends or routing, can be displayed with easy to read icons in a logical manner. Levels are displayed on the interface as a bar graph, time settings as circles, frequencies as frequency graphs, etc., allowing easy recognition of the function in its current state. Additionally, functions are represented by different colors to easily identify them at a quick glance.

While the functionality of the Vista 5 is very easy to learn, it cannot train volunteers on how to listen and mix properly. As these larger programs continue to grow, the church would like to purchase a secondary Vista 5 console for live recording mixes and studio mixes.
The positive training experience for the volunteers became evident because of the expanded 42-fader version of the console that was purchased over the standard 32-fader version. “With the addition of 10 extra input faders, one of the experienced staffers can act as a safety net for our volunteers,” said Heacock. “We can stand at one end of the console and have full access to all of the channels, so if the volunteer is slow on executing a cue, we’re right there to jump in as necessary but don’t have to knock them out of the way to do it.”

Heacock noted, “As we’ve become more and more familiar with some of the advanced functions of the Vista 5, our jobs have become easier and easier. We’ve learned how to set cues making it essentially a 1-button operation for our volunteers. The isolation feature has saved us quite a bit of time when our mixes have changed. Rather than go through each cue and change a level 5 db on one or two channels, we change it once and propagate it through the rest of the cues.”

Now, says Heacock, during one of our recent programs where there were ten showings, it has become simple to replace a singer’s levels when necessary. “We’ve set all of our levels for the entire show but obviously, each volunteer soloist can’t perform at every show. Due to the Vista 5’s flexibility, we’ve been able to set independent levels for each soloist; save that ‘profile’ as a file and simply recall it as necessary, adding it to a preexisting mix.”

Studer Celebrates Digital Success Story: Marks 60th Anniversary in 2008

Tape Pioneer To Leader In Digital Live And Broadcast Consoles - Reaches Milestone.

In what represents one of the most challenging and successful business transformations in the history of professional audio and recording, former tape pioneer and industry stalwart, Studer celebrates its 60th anniversary, having transformed itself into the leading innovator and manufacturer of digital console technology. For fifty years, Studer tape machines were ‘must-haves’ in all of the leading recording studios around the world and, as a result, many of the most iconic and successful music recordings up to the late 1990’s were engineered and recorded on Studer tape machines. Since then Studer steadfastly employed the same commitment to quality and innovation in pursuit of excellence in digital console design, and has emerged as the leading name in sonic performance, user interface design, bullet-proof reliability and advanced functionality.

According to Andy Trott, President of Soundcraft and Studer, “The Company’s ethos has changed little but its focus has changed entirely towards digital console and mixing systems development. Studer remains the epitome of quality in product design and fine engineering – often referred to as the ‘Rolls-Royce of the audio world’ - and we value and protect that characteristic today just as much as Willi Studer did when he started the business 60 years ago.”

Bruno Hochstrasser, Executive Vice President of Sales for Soundcraft and Studer has one of the ‘closest kinships’ with the company, “I was actually born the same month and year as the Studer Company so this year is very much a double celebration for both of us! I’ve seen huge change during my 37 years with the business and remain proud of our achievements; maybe even more so these days as we have totally re-engineered to become number one in digital broadcast consoles.”

This year marks the 60th anniversary since Founder Willi Studer started the company in 1948 to adapt American-made tape recorders to the requirements of the Swiss market. Studer soon stopped adapting, and starting innovating, and in 1950, the first 500 units left the production line. From its beginnings as a tape recorder manufacturer, Studer went on to acquire a reputation as an analog mixing console brand. In the mid-80s, the turn to digital technology began with the digitally-controlled A810 analog tape recorder, followed by the all digital D820 and D820X tape machines. Shipping its last two analog consoles to Japan in 2007, the company is today firmly placed in the digital universe as a leading manufacturer of audio mixing consoles, routing equipment and call management systems targeted at the broadcast and live-sound market for the most discriminating customers.

In October 2007, following input from its customers, the company introduced a touring version of the highly successful Vista 5 platform. The resulting product was accordingly named the Studer Vista 5 SR; a reinforced aluminum console specifically developed to handle the rigors of life on the road. The new version added a steeper viewing angle for standing operation, adjustable illumination for variable ambient conditions, and increased and modified ventilation systems. It is available with preset configurations for Front-of-House and Monitor use.

Studer’s patented Vistonics™ user interface, featured in the console, uses an array of encoders mounted directly into TFT screens to give immediate viewing and control of channel and output parameters. The Vista 5 SR quickly became a popular choice for touring companies and is currently being used on tour with Billy Joel, Keith Urban, Celine Dion and Rascal Flatts.

Soundcraft Broadens Support For Portable PA Market With Stunning FX 16ii And MFX Series Consoles

Small Format Pioneer Reclaims The Ascendancy In Small-To-Mid-Sized Live Sound And Project Recording With Two Feature-Packed, High-Performing Mixing Consoles.

In a series of introductions that will likely prompt musicians, engineers, venue managers, educators, corporate AV professionals and worship leaders to recalibrate their expectations of what a small format mixer can do, sound like or cost, Soundcraft will be demonstrating the FX 16ii and MFX Series mixing consoles at InfoComm ‘08.

The FX 16ii is a 19” rack-mountable mixer with a total of 26-inputs and integrated Lexicon FX processor that makes it an incredibly versatile mixer for a host of applications. The MFX is available in 8+2, 12+2 and 20+2 channel/frame sizes and also comes loaded with an arsenal of features that make it the ideal mixer for a wide array of small-to mid-sized applications, and once again the addition of a Lexicon FX processor and rack mount option for the 8+2 (std on 12+2) variant make this a great product for almost any small to mid sized applications.

“With the ground breaking introductions that we are making in the large format arena with our Vi family and these new products at the entry level, there has never been a better time to own a Soundcraft mixer!” commented Richard Ayres, Soundcraft Product Manager. “The new FX 16ii and MFX Series mixers embody a new spirit of innovation, and, packaged with the finest mic amps and EQ you will find anywhere, these are truly exceptional products that should be on everyone’s shopping list!”

Both units are exceptionally easy to use and are built around the same AudioDNA® processor featured in many of the Digitech® and Lexicon outboard products including the highly respected Lexicon MX300 processor. Other common features include 32 FX settings, tap tempo, FX store settings, 3-band EQ with swept mid-band, integral universal power supplies and rugged construction meant to withstand even the toughest environment!

The Soundcraft FX 16ii offers a combination of powerful live and recording features; each channel has a direct output which is individually switchable pre or post fader to enable use with 16-track recording systems. The Lexicon effects work just as well in the live as well as the recording environment. Incorporating the latest PCB surface mount technology, the Soundcraft FX 16ii can be optionally rack-mounted into a 10U space via a dual-position connector pod which allows cables to be connected conveniently behind the rack and save rack space.

The MFX Series combines all the features of the popular Soundcraft MPM™ mixer with a built-in 24-bit, digital, Lexicon effects processor, expanding Soundcraft’s low-cost, multi-purpose compact range. The effects section fits neatly into the mixer’s compact framework, which is available in 12 or 20 mono input variants, both with 2 stereo channels and an effects send on each channel. The MFX uses the highly-transparent GB30 Mic amp and also two configurable aux sends, two groups, XLR and 1⁄4” metal jack connector sockets, RCA phono stereo playback inputs and record outputs. The MFX also features a three-band EQ with a swept mid on the mono inputs, three-band EQ on the two stereo inputs, TRS insert sockets, inserts on all mono inputs, 10-segment LED output metering and a headphone output.

“Today we’re showing InfoComm attendees two very different mixers that deliver category-leading features and performance at their respective price points,” Ayres continued. “In doing so, we’re extending Soundcraft’s commitment to value, performance, ease of use and system reliability for each and every one of our customers in music, education, corporate AV, worship, fixed install and recording!”

Soundcraft Showcases Worship Market Mixing Solutions At InfoComm 2008

Soundcraft Provides Specialized Digital And Analog Mixing Solutions To Suit Any Worship Application;

Engineers And Worship Leaders Gravitate To Soundcraft Seeking Sonic Performance,
Robust Build And Inspired User Interface.

Few application markets in the broader professional AV domain place a greater emphasis on intuitive operation and reliable performance than the worship market, where many system operators are volunteer members of the congregation. It’s not surprising therefore that Soundcraft, a pioneer in the field of user interface design, has gained such a strong and devoted following among the contractors and consultants that serve this market and end-users within the worship community.

“It’s ultimately all about the sound but to extract the best sound from our technology one needs to be able to easily navigate the board,” explained Keith Watson, Vice President of Marketing, Soundcraft Studer. “We spent a lot of time with end users and have worked hard to make our mixing consoles the most intuitive and production-friendly in the business. This philosophy extends from the celebrated Vistonics™ II interface on the Vi6 and Vi4 right down to the smallest consoles for the portable PA market. Members of the worship community — on the integration and operation side — appreciate this attention to making their jobs easier.”

A notable new addition to Soundcraft’s following in the worship community is the 1,100-seat Faith Chapel Foursquare Church of Billings, MT that added a new Soundcraft Vi6™ Digital Console to mix both front-of-house sound and onstage monitoring. According to chief audio technician Kelly Olp, "It's an unbelievable sounding board and tremendously easy to train volunteers on how to operate it."

The Vi6's control surface is based on Studer’s Vistonics™, a patented design that places rotary encoders and switches within a series of ergonomically designed touch screens. Each Vistonics II interface controls eight input channels, with 16 rotary encoders and 16 switches per touch screen. Simply touching the screen immediately opens out that part of the strip onto the real knobs and switches mounted directly on the lower part of the display. All channel functions, including routing, input gain, digital gain trim, delay, high- and low-pass filters, four-band fully parametric EQ, compressor, limiter, gate, de-esser and pan, are easily and quickly accessible. The 32-fader control surface handles 64 mono inputs routing to 32 Group/Aux/Matrix buses plus LCR and Left-Right/Stereo buses, with 24 insert send/return pairs assignable to any I/O channel.

Meanwhile, Eastside Foursquare Church in the Seattle suburb of Bothell made a similarly well-advised decision: Blair Schmautz, the church’s head sound technician along with Jeff Sanderson of Olympia, Washington-based consulting firm Onpoint Designs elected to purchase a Soundcraft Vi6 digital live sound console to replace a nearly 20-year-old Soundcraft Vienna desk at the nexus of a new PA system for Eastside Foursquare Church’s 1,250-seat sanctuary.

“Eastside Foursquare Church chose the Vi6 hands down based on affordability, user friendliness and processing power,” Sanderson explained.

Schmautz concurs: “The Vi6 is extremely versatile, sounds great, and is easy to use. Our services typically involve more than 40 channels of live instruments and vocals, while for special events; we might use all 64 channels. The desk’s Vistonics II interface brilliantly displays all parameters for 32 channels at a time, which is something I’ve not found on any other digital sound console in this price range.”

Ease of use coupled with sonic performance were also priorities for the engineers and elders at the Lake Grove Missionary Church in Memphis, TN who commissioned Sound Hill Technologies of Holden, LA to design an AV system for the congregation’s new church in downtown Memphis. Sound Hill made a Soundcraft LX7ii 32-channel mixing console the centerpiece of the system. The LX7ii includes exceptionally easy to use module ID graphics, a new mic-preamp and 4-band EQ, direct outputs on the first 16 inputs suitable for multitrack recording and six auxes for flexibility for effects and foldback.

Soundcraft also recognizes the needs of training in Houses of Worship for such operators, and are currently Platinum sponsors of the How-To Church Sound Workshops tour. Soundcraft also produces its famous Guide To Mixing, both in booklet and DVD form, as an invaluable basic guide to setting up a sound mix. These are readily available for qualifying Houses of Worship, with details from

Tour Sound Elite Make Soundcraft Vi6™ The Standard For Great Sound And Unmatched User Interface

As the United States tour sound market takes its seasonal shift into high gear, a clear trend among the highest grossing tours and the most successful tour sound companies worldwide is the elevation of the Soundcraft Vi6™ Digital Mixing Console as the new standard for great sound, advanced functionality and the market’s most intuitive user interface.

Among the tours that have staked their sound and set-up efficiency on the Soundcraft Vi6, the North American leg of Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour supported by Sound Image features a Soundcraft Vi6 operated by FOH Engineer Pablo Wheeler. Also in the United States, Gwen Stefani, Rascal Flatts and Toby Keith have all benefited from the Sound Image/Soundcraft Vi6 combination. Tour sound icons, Clair Brothers, also chose a Soundcraft Vi6 to support Australia Does Broadway at the prestigious Jazz @ Lincoln Center in New York City!

Docktrdave Audio Inc., led by the eponymous Dave Lawler, supported longtime client, Diana Krall with a Soundcraft Vi6 he purchased for FOH on a national tour that included iconic venues from coast to coast including Madison Square Garden in New York City and the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Equally nomadic Rufus Wainwright crisscrossed the States on his tour that included an engagement at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival with FOH Engineer Matthew Manasse behind a Soundcraft Vi6 supplied by Oxnard, CA-based Rat Sound Systems. They followed the example set by leading Canadian folk-rock outfit, Barenaked Ladies, who were early adopters of the Vi6.

In Europe, longtime Fun Loving Criminals engineer, Chris Roberts, was inspired by the Soundcraft Vi6’s ease of use and intuitive interface to select it for use on the band’s Irish tour and Will Doyle, monitor engineer for The Arctic Monkeys, has chosen a Soundcraft Vi6 for the final leg of the band’s European and North American tour. Also in the U.K., experienced FOH and recording engineer Dave Kay deployed the Vi6 on The Scissor Sisters tour and experienced studio and live sound engineer Gerard Albo selected the Vi6 for front-of-house with Amy Winehouse, where the Vistonics™ II interface and sonic quality of the console provided him with functionality and assurance on the tour’s now infamous opening night at Birmingham’s NIA Center while experienced sound engineer Tom Marshall manned a Vi6 at FOH with Liverpool band, The Coral at the 2007 iTunes Festival.

Sound engineer Dale Hanson supported rising UK rockers, The Storys, on their successful European tour supporting Sir Elton John, playing prominent European arenas and sports grounds to crowds of up to 30,000, with the band’s own Soundcraft Vi6 at FOH and Indie rock/electronic fusioneers Kasabian hit the summer UK festival circuit with freelance live monitor engineer, Yogi, and a Soundcraft Vi6 at FOH. Similarly eclectic UNKLE, with their unique blend of electronic music, hip-hop and rock, featured Chris Roberts and Soundcraft Vi6 for sold-out performances at London’s 800-capacity Islington Academy. Also in the UK, Groove Armada’s successful national tour featured Sam Parker at FOH manning a Soundcraft Vi6.

Most recently, top UK band The Feeling used a Vi6 at FOH and Vi4 on monitors on their UK tour, coinciding with their new album hitting the UK number 1 spot just one day after release.

Elsewhere in Europe, Winkler Veranstaltungstechnik AG, Switzerland's leading provider of event services, has upgraded its audio control facilities with the addition of two Soundcraft Vi6 consoles.

“The test of a mixing console is the company it keeps and by that measure, we are exceptionally pleased with the success of the Soundcraft Vi6!” noted Keith Watson, Vice President of Marketing, Soundcraft Studer. “As the best engineers in the business migrate to the Soundcraft Vi6, we are committed to listening closely to them to advance the family and to improve further upon what the community of engineers has deemed the best sounding, most highly functional and easily the most intuitive digital mixing console in its class!”

Soundcraft Vi6 “Mixing Board”:
Pablo Wheeler FOH Bob Dylan Sound Image
Dale Hanson FOH The Storys
Matthew Manasse FOH Rufus Wainwright
Pete Gunn FOH Kasabian
Chris Roberts FOH UNKLE
Dave Lawler FOH Diana Krall DocktrDave Audio
Sam Parker FOH Groove Armada
Will Doyle FOH Artic Monkeys
Yogi FOH Kasabian
Dave Kay FOH The Scissor Sisters
Gerald Albo FOH Amy Winehouse

Jon Garber FOH Rascal Flatts Sound Image
FOH Barenaked Ladies
FOH Gwen Stefani Sound Image
FOH Toby Keith Sound Image

Soundcraft Vi6™ Gains Sales Success In The International Fixed Installation And Special Events Markets

Successful Projects Span The Globe With Satisfied Customers On Every Continent

“Ease Of Use, Reliability And System Versatility Make The Soundcraft Vi6™ The Professional’s Choice,” Says Soundcraft Senior Digital Product Manager, Andy Brown.

In a resounding endorsement of its highly successful Vi Series™ Digital Live Sound Consoles, Soundcraft today announced that worldwide sales of the pioneering digital desk have exceeded all expectations with successful events and fixed installations across the globe. Andy Brown, Senior Digital Product Manager, explains that the pro audio and systems integration communities’ response to Vi6 has been universally positive.

“Vi6 is a success because we refused to accept the status quo in user interface design and instead invested in an interface designed by audio professionals for audio professionals,” Brown said today. “The resulting 'where you look is where you control' philosophy has resonated strongly with experienced audio pro’s, which is why we’ve seen such a strong market response.”
Among the new acolytes of the Soundcraft Vi6, Dave Rees and Michael Shanahan, owners of Deluxe Audio of Melbourne, Australia, became the first Australian hire-company customers of Vi6 in March 2008. They followed UK-based SSE Audio Group led by hire project manager, Miles Hillyard who has built up a fleet of four Soundcraft Vi6 digital mixing desks for use in a wide array of high profile and prestigious applications — most notably the massive Liverpool City of Culture Opening Ceremony. Also in the UK, the NME awards, an annual celebration of Britain's best bands showcased two Soundcraft Vi6 consoles owned and operated the IndigO2 nightclub at the O2 Dome.

On the continent, Austrian company, Showproduction, equipped the television studio for Austria’s new musical reality series, “Musical: Die Show”, with a pair of Vi6 consoles while Greece’s Net Studios in Athens took delivery of a Soundcraft Vi6 digital console for events at the FIX club in Thessaloniki, a celebrated venue which hosts many of Greece’s top artists and an engagement to mix the Philharmonic Orchestra of Athens at an outdoor concert in the city centre. Also in Greece, PA company, Manos Backline Services, purchased a Soundcraft Vi6 console for rental to artists and other PA companies.
Further north, the Norwegian city of Fredrikstad’s Lykkeberg Kulturhus House became one of the first Scandinavian recipients of a Soundcraft Vi6 console. The system, designed, supplied and integrated by LydRommet, features the Vi6 at the epicenter of an advanced Harman HiQnet™ system that enables the venue to seamlessly switch audio set-up to accommodate theatre, classical orchestras and rock concerts to civic meetings.

In North America, Montreal's landmark Olympia Theatre blends old-world architecture with 21st century AV technology in the form of a Soundcraft Vi6 console feeding Crown-powered JBL VERTEC® line arrays, while in the United States, the Wheeler Opera House, a world-class theater located in downtown Aspen, installed a new digital Soundcraft Vi6 console at front-of-house. Detroit-based Thunder Audio added a Vi6 to increase its competitiveness for top touring acts like The White Stripes, Metallica and Steely Dan, while also in the United States, in Washington DC a new Soundcraft Vi6 graces the iconic 382-seat The Barns at Wolftrap as the epicenter of a comprehensive new audio system featuring a JBL VERTEC line array, Crown amplifiers, BSS Audio Omnidrive processing and AKG microphones.
Back in the UK, where the Soundcraft legend was born and continues to evolve, North London's renowned live music venue, KOKO now sports two Vi6 consoles supplied by Camden-based electrical contractors RAG Support Ltd. One of the Vi6 desks is used as the mixer for the on-stage monitoring, the other as the main front-of-house desk.

dbx® Launches New Flagship SC 64 (System Core) and SC 32 Digital Matrix Processors

dbx® Professional Products, a Salt Lake City-based manufacturer of professional signal processing products and a division of the Harman International Company (NYSE-HAR), is introducing the new SC 64 (System Core) and SC 32 Digital Matrix Processors. These flagship processors feature intuitive Wizard-driven system configuration using Harman’s proprietary HiQnet™ System Architect, for unprecedented DSP power and routing flexibility, making it the ideal foundation for even the most demanding systems.

The SC 64 and SC 32 host a total of 64 and 32 analog I/O respectively, configurable in banks of eight. The flexibility of eight analog input cards and eight analog output cards easily facilitates many different fully loaded configurations, accommodating a wide range of standard sources via the onboard mic/line and Phantom Power switching per input. Two high-speed option slots on the SC 64 and one high-speed option slot on the SC 32 also provide an interface for adding forthcoming high bandwidth audio transport I/O cards. The units feature dedicated DSP for common processing functions as well as insert positions for specialized processing and popular audio tools including dbx Advanced Feedback Suppression™ (AFS™) Ambient Noise Compensation (ANC), priority ducking, parametric equalization (PEQ), delay and dynamics.

Additionally, the new SC 64 and SC 32 devices offer a diverse range of control options including HiQnet™ System Architect custom control panels, as well as Ethernet, serial, contact closure control, ZC wall controllers and even automatically scheduled events. An optional media engine facilitates delayed paging and storage of audio files for scheduled playback.

For more information, please visit

dbx® Professional Products Introduces New DriveRack® PX Powered Speaker Optimizer

The dbx® DriveRack® PX offers an intuitive, all-in-one processor solution
specifically designed to optimize powered speaker setups

dbx® Professional Products, a Salt Lake City-based manufacturer of professional signal processing products and a division of Harman International, introduces the new DriveRack® PX Powered Speaker Optimizer. The PX is the latest in the acclaimed dbx DriveRack family of products, which provide flexibility, sonic excellence and intuitive control for performance applications. Specifically, the new PX is designed to enhance and optimize the performance of powered speakers, all in an intuitive package that requires no special skills to operate.

Utilizing the highly acclaimed DriveRack technology, the PX is the first processor in the industry specifically tailored for powered speakers. Although powered speakers by definition require no amplifier or external processor, the DriveRack PX is an indispensable addition to any powered speaker setup, as it hosts a number of impressive features that offer louder, cleaner, better sound than had previously been possible from a powered speaker system.

An included dbx M2 measurement mic uses Auto-EQ to correct for audible deficiencies in the room environment. dbx’s patented Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS™) kills harsh feedback, allowing problem-free operation at higher sound levels, and the patented Subharmonic Synthesizer extends bass response for enhanced bottom end. The graceful PeakStopPlus™ Limiting protects the speakers without sacrificing overall sound quality.

Other included features increase versatility and ease of use. Intuitive out-of-box support for a host of JBL® and other popular powered speaker brands and models and support for either stereo or mono subwoofer models make the PX the turnkey processor solution for almost any possible powered speaker setup. The exclusive Setup, Auto-EQ and AFS Wizards make setup easy and fast, preserving the simplicity of the user’s powered speaker system.

The dbx DriveRack PX is now shipping with a street price of $399.95.

dbx® Professional Products Offer dB10 and dB12 Direct Boxes

The dbx® dB10 Passive and dB12 Active Direct Boxes Offer Premium Performance In An Attractive, Rugged Package

dbx® Professional Products, a Salt Lake City-based manufacturer of professional signal processing products and a division of Harman International, introduces two new direct injection boxes into the product line. Representing a new category of product offering for dbx, the dB10 Passive Direct Box and dB12 Active Direct Box build on the dbx heritage, consistently offering customers innovative and dependable professional signal processing solutions. The aggressive styling of their solid, road-worthy, cast-metal chassis is a departure from the usual utilitarian look of most direct boxes.

The dB10 Passive Direct Box includes all the basic features you would expect from a work horse direct box – ¼” input and parallel “thru” jacks, transformer isolation, balanced XLR output, and ground lift switch – but provides additional value not found in budget direct boxes. Its 3-position pad switch easily accommodates instrument, line level and speaker level signals, while further versatility is added with its selectable polarity invert and high-cut filtering functions. Premium chrome toggle switches and a gold-plated Neutrik® XLR output jack, as well as a first-class custom dbx mu-metal-shielded isolation transformer, ensure the highest-quality signal path. All switches are recessed to provide protection from accidental operation or damage.

The dB12 Active Direct Box includes all the features of the dB10, but in an active version. Driven by phantom power supplied by a mixing console’s mic input, the dB12’s active circuitry operates from 20V to 48V. A green power LED is included to show status of the phantom power source. The dB12’s high input impedance and low-noise buffered active circuitry faithfully preserve the tone and signal characteristics of the instrument source. It also includes a custom dbx mu-metal-shielded isolation transformer, tailored to complement the active circuitry and provide a clean balanced output signal.

In addition to their rugged design, a unique feature of these direct boxes is the heavy-duty molded rubber skid pad which not only provides a solid, non-skid surface, but is contoured to mate with the tiered surface of the chassis top, making stable stacking of multiple boxes possible for a cleaner, compact arrangement.

The dbx dB10 Passive and dB12 Active Direct Boxes are now shipping with an estimated street price of $99.95 and $129.95 respectively.

Lexicon® Ships PCM96 Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor

Lexicon Breaks Down The Walls Between Hardware And Software, With A Versatile New Processor Featuring DAW Automation, FireWire Streaming, And An Unrivalled Collection Of Legendary Lexicon Reverbs And Effects

Lexicon®, a Harman International Company (NYSE-HAR), is now shipping its PCM96 Professional Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor. Featuring a wide array of rich, complex reverb algorithms with related delays and effects, the single rack-space PCM96 integrates seamlessly into the modern studio as a control-only DAW insert or FireWire streaming hardware plug-in.

Following in the tradition of the venerable PCM60 and PCM70 signal processors, the PCM96 offers a comprehensive selection of legendary Lexicon reverbs and effects, including the return of Lexicon’s prized Concert Hall reverb. Appearing for the first time are new Room and Hall algorithms, plus an assortment of new mono reverbs and effects. Selectable, reversible reflection patterns, multimode filters, and “infinity switches” provide additional new capabilities.

With two channels XLR analog and two channels XLR AES/EBU digital I/O, as well as MIDI, Wordclock, Ethernet and Firewire connectivity, the PCM96 is equally suited for studio or live use. In any application, the PCM96 provides versatility and sound that is unmistakably Lexicon.

The Lexicon PCM96 Stereo Reverb/Effects feature set includes:
• 28 legendary Lexicon® reverbs, modulation, and delay effects
• New mono reverbs and effects including Chamber, Hall, Plate
• “Hardware Plug-In” feature with Mac VST®, Audio Units, and RTAS software
• DAW automation through plug-in format
• FireWire streaming through plug-in format
• Two channels XLR balanced 24-bit I/O
• Two channels AES/EBU digital I/O
• Dual Ethernet and Firewire Connections
• External BNC Wordclock input
• Multiple sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz
• 32-bit floating point processing
• Quick softrow keys for fast navigation through complex algorithms
• Large front panel OLED display
• Compact Flash preset storage
• HiQnet™ compatible

Crown Audio Redefines The Price/Performance Ratio In Portable PA Amplifier With 2-Ohm/Channel XLS Series

Category-Leading XLS Series Matches Price, 2-Ohm Power Rating, Sonic Integrity And Robust Construction Meaning Serious Audio Professionals Should Accept No Less!

With More Watts Per Dollar Than Any Other Amplifier In Its Class, The New
Crown XLS 5000 Eliminates Sub-2-Ohm Amplifiers As Serious Contenders For Any Audio Pro!

In a move that makes quality high power amplifiers affordable to a broad new market, Crown Audio today showcased the newly extended XLS Series amplifiers that significantly elevate the performance threshold of affordable portable PA amplifiers. Comprising the XLS 202, XLS 402, XLS 602, XLS 802 and the brand new XLS 5000, the XLS Series is ideal for musicians, DJs, rental companies and corporate and hotel AV departments.

”Providing more watts per dollar than any other amplifier in its class, the XLS5000 represents a tremendous value to end users who need a high power amplifier without the big price tag,” noted Marc Kellom, Vice President of Marketing, Crown Audio. “By pairing this amplifier up with JBL’s MRX, SRX, or VRX loudspeaker enclosures, our customers can now have access to a highly professional yet economical all-Harman solution.”

The XLS Series, Crown’s workhorse amplifier line, has now been extended with the addition of the new XLS 5000 ($1,399 US street price). Delivering 1,800 watts per channel in 4-ohm stereo mode, and a staggering 5,000 watts in 4-ohm bridge-mono mode, the XLS 5000 packs more than twice the punch of the next highest-powered model in the range, the XLS 802.

Housed in a rugged, 3U, all-steel chassis, the highly reliable XLS 5000 is equipped with an efficient forced-air fan to prevent excessive thermal buildup. The front panel sports dual precision-detented rotary level controls, a power switch with accompanying LED, and six additional LEDs indicating signal, clip, and fault for each channel. Rear panel connections include two electronically balanced XLR inputs as well as touch-proof binding post and Speakon® outputs.

The XLS 5000 also employs extensive protection and diagnostics capabilities, including output current limiting, DC protection, circuit breaker, and special thermal protection of the unit’s transformers.

Like the rest of the XLS Series, as well as all other Crown amplifiers, the new XLS 5000 is backed by the manufacturer’s industry-exclusive Three-Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty.

Touring Pioneer Sound Image Powered By 5,000,000 Watts Of Crown

In a remarkable milestone that speaks to the performance and road-proven reliability of Crown Audio’s I-Tech family of live sound amplifiers, tour sound superpower, Sound Image of Escondido, California recently passed the 5,000,000 watt mark in I-Tech inventory. In recognition of this landmark achievement, David Shadoan, President of Sound Image, will be presented with a specially-crafted award on the opening day of InfoComm 2008.

Sound Image has deployed Crown I-Tech amplifiers on some of the highest profile and most successful tours in the United States over the past few years. Gwen Stefani, Toby Keith, Rascal Flatts, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana and Jimmy Buffett have all traveled with an arsenal of I-Tech 8000 amplifiers in tow.

“Crown has a done a great job in evolving the I-Tech 8000 into one of the best sounding, most reliable amplifiers in the market today, “ noted Shadoan. “We have spoken with our wallet and with our reputation and we do neither lightly!”

Available in I-T4000, I-T6000 and I-T8000 iterations, the Harman HiQnet™-compatible I-Tech family has become the tour sound professional’s de-facto standard amplifier by matching unsurpassed Class-I power, light weight and ease of use. Onboard DSP provides a wide array of signal processing functionality, significantly reducing the need for rack components and rack wiring. Onboard DSP features 24- bit, 96 kHz A/D and D/A converters that reduce DSP noise for studio-quality processing and quieter overall performance. I-Tech features peak voltage and RMS power limiting for speaker protection and global power supply to deliver maximum power worldwide! The model boasts a front panel LCD for diagnostics and preset selection, ensuring fast and easy system setup but also front panel lockout for enhanced safety.

“Crown I-Tech has carved out a successful market based purely on its ability to support audio professionals like Sound Image with power performance coupled with category-leading reliability,” explained Marc Kellom, Vice President of Marketing, Crown Audio. “We worked very hard to advance I-Tech from its original introduction and we learned a lot in the process. As a result, I-Tech is today widely recognized as one of the most robust and useful amplifiers in its category. We congratulate Dave Shadoan and the Sound Image team on their artist commitment and commercial success and we look forward to supporting them with amplifiers that help them sound great!”

InfoComm 2008 Marks U.S. Market Debut Of Crown Macro-Tech I-Series Amplifiers

A Legend Is Reborn As Crown Macro-Tech-i Makes U.S. Debut At InfoComm 2008 In Las Vegas;

Unrivalled Pedigree Coupled With Awesome Raw Power Makes The New Crown Macro-Tech-I The Uncontested Heir For Analog Supremacy!

Building upon 20 years of innovation and market success, Crown Audio today introduced the new Macro-Tech-i family of analog amplifiers it expects will emulate the reliability, sonic performance and value of the now-legendary Macro-Tech Series. The original Crown Macro-Tech Series earned a reputation as the most reliable, best sounding analog power amplifier line money could buy and now, by incorporating Crown’s advanced, patented Class-I circuitry, the new Macro-Tech-i delivers significantly greater power while reducing the weight by more than half!

Comprised of three models – the MA-5000i, MA-9000i and MA12000i – the Macro-Tech-i Series is equipped with comprehensive status, fault, and load monitoring via standard Ethernet networking and Harman Pro’s HiQnet™ and System Architect™ software. A universal power-factor corrected power supply ensures that the new models can be used literally anywhere in the world, delivering full rated power regardless of where touring schedules may lead.

“No amplifier manufacturer is as dedicated to its customers as Crown Audio is committed to the pro audio community: we listen attentively to audio professionals and work very hard to build the right products to address their needs,” noted Brian Divine, Crown Audio Market Director for Touring Sound and Engineered Sound. “This commitment is manifested in today’s introduction of the new Macro-Tech-i family that was conceived and refined with the close cooperation of our user group. As a result, the new Macro-Tech-i Series boasts rugged build quality, rock-solid reliability and unmatched sonic performance.”

As is the case with all Crown amplifiers, the Macro-Tech-i Series is backed by the manufacturer’s industry-exclusive Three-Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty.

Shipping immediately, the Macro-Tech-i Series features the following power ratings and U.S. pricing:

MA-5000i – 1800W per channel at 2 ohms (with 2565W 20mS burst), 2000W per channel at 4 ohms, 1250W per channel at 8 ohms, 3600W at 4 ohms bridged, and 4000W at 8 ohms bridged; $4,255 MSRP

MA-9000i – 2500W per channel at 2 ohms (with 4570W 20mS burst), 3000W per channel at 4 ohms, 1500W per channel at 8 ohms, 5000W at 4 ohms bridged, and 6000W at 8 ohms bridged; $5,200 MSRP

MA-12000i – 3500W per channel at 2 ohms (with 5900W 20mS burst), 4000W per channel at 4 ohms, 2100W per channel at 8 ohms, 7000W at 4 ohms bridged, and 8000W at 8 ohms bridged; $6,855 MSRP

Crown Audio’s New 135MA and 160MA Mixer-Amplifiers Make Commercial Market Debut at InfoComm 2008

Specialized Solutions For Specialized Applications Make Crown Audio The Go-To Amplifier Supplier For Integrators Serving The Retail, Hospitality, Health-Club & Spa, Education, Industrial And Even Worship Markets;

Sonic Performance, System Reliability And Ease Of Use The Hallmark Of Crown’s Commercial Market Offerings.

Recognizing the need to support contractors in the commercial sound marketplace with highly robust, sonically superior amplifiers, specifically engineered for the commercial marketplace, Crown Audio today debuted the new high-value 135MA and 160MA mixer-amplifiers. Capable of providing both eight-ohm and constant-voltage outputs (70V and 100V), the 135MA and 160MA are easily configurable for a variety of uses, including paging, background music, music-on-hold, security use, and safety/evacuation announcements.

Each housed in a highly compact half-rack-space chassis, the 135MA is equipped with three inputs and a 35W amplifier output, while the 160MA provides four inputs and a 60W amplifier output. Both models provide priority muting, which can be voice-activated or triggered via an external switch, and are compatible with microphones requiring phantom power.

“As much as we are audiophile purists here at Crown Audio, we recognize that our new 135MA and 160MA are business tools: tools that allow the integrator to provide a better sound system for the money and tools that enhance the atmospherics of any commercial or industrial environment,” explained Phil McPhee, Crown Audio, Market Manager, Commercial Sound. “As such, the new 135MA and 160MA deliver legendary Crown sound, matched with bullet-proof reliability, unmatched system security and highly intuitive ease of use! Consider these advantages with our three-year, no-fault warranty and it’s easy to understand why Crown makes good business sense.”

The front panel of each model comprises a rotary input volume knob and green signal/clip LED for every channel, rotary output volume knob with green (signal) and red (clip) LEDs, recessed pots for bass and treble adjustment, and a power switch with accompanying blue LED. The back panel includes a balanced Phoenix-type mic/line input with threshold control, several line-level RCA input jack pairs (two for 135MA, three for 160MA), a telephone/MOH output with level control, a preamp output, screw-terminal speaker outputs, and a detachable IEC power cord. A DIP switch panel is also provided for fast, easy configuration.

Convection cooled, the new mixer-amplifiers feature sophisticated protection mechanisms, including current limiting, over-temperature thermal cutout, and DC-fault load protection. The units are also protected against turn-on/turn-off “thumps.”

The 135MA and 160MA are ideal for a wide array of commercial applications from restaurants, retail stores, factories, offices, fitness facilities and also schools, hospitals, houses of worship and a host of other environments.