Monday, April 7, 2008

AKG K181 DJ Headphones Help DJ Ravidrums Lay It All On The Line

In a talent-packed city like Los Angeles, new DJs on the club scene have to bring something “extra” to make it big. Ravi Jakhotia, known professionally as DJ Ravidrums, learned this lesson early and has risen to play some of the most coveted clubs and television spots in the nation. Ravi moved into the limelight by riding on the cutting edge, and his AKG K181DJ headphones help him stay there.

Ravi has a frenetic performance style that combines traditional DJing with intense live drumming. He helped pioneer the art of the live remix—serving crowds the songs they know and love in new and exciting ways. His innovative work has gained him entry to the hottest clubs and venues in the country (including the Playboy mansion), landed him a cameo in the movie Matrix Reloaded, and recently earned him a prime spot on the Fox Super Bowl XLII Pre-game Show.

To execute his unique live performances, Ravi needs headphones that can handle the subtleties of both live instruments and recorded music. “I’m very critical when it comes to headphones,” he says. “It’s something very personal because it’s the sound you hear that puts you right there, in the moment.”

AKG’s K181DJ headphones work perfectly for Ravi because they were designed specifically to meet DJ requirements. The unique 3D-axis professional folding mechanism allows him to change his monitoring position quickly and enables the headphones to fold down into a thin package for easy transportation as he moves from gig to gig. The rugged, lightweight construction provides unwavering comfort and reliability as Ravi bounces between his deck and drums. And, of course, there’s the sound.

“I love the way these headphones reflect what’s going on in my mix,” he explains. “With other headphones I’ve tried, you can’t get that deep low end and all the highs. These give me all I need for everything I’ve got going on. The sound is incredible!”

Other features include switchable bass boost, isolating ear cups that attenuate ambient noise and keep even quiet passages clearly audible, and a stereo/mono selector for optimum single-ear monitoring—everything the professional DJ needs.

“Asking a DJ to play with bad headphones is like asking a sprinter to run on nails—bad sound can cripple your set.” Ravi loves the audio quality he gets from his AKG headphones, and their adjustability and comfort work with his energetic style.

He began to develop that style when he moved to Los Angeles in 1997. He knew that the club scene was jam-packed with DJ talent and he would have to do something big to make his mark. “Spinning records is great, but to be truly remembered, you’ve got to lay it all on the line,” he says.

Ravi began to shine through his collaborations with established DJs. He called upon his experience as a funk drummer and made his way around the circuit playing live along with other DJ’s sets. Soon, he began to experiment with live remixing—incorporating his live drumming and loops along with the tracks he played—and that’s when things really took off.

One fateful night playing a set at Mood, a hot LA venue, he met acclaimed pop star and American Idol judge Paula Abdul. She’d seen his set and was blown away, offering to help Ravi move his career along. “She kinda took me under her wing,” he recalls.

Ravi began to collaborate with Abdul on a number of projects and with the help of her ‘Idol’ costar Randy Jackson, she landed Ravi a spot on the Superbowl pre-game show in front of millions of viewers. His spirited performance that Sunday earned him legions of fans and placed him high in the ranks of the nation’s most in-demand DJs.

Wherever his burgeoning career takes him, Ravi brings his AKG K181DJ headphones. “I’ve been using them every day, I love everything about them, the sound especially!” Ravi has been so pleased with the headphones’ performance, he’s even been introducing them to other DJs he works with. “Everyone I put them on tries to take them!”

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