Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Atlantida Festival Rocks With Soundcraft Vi6™

Brazilian radio station Atlantida FM recently hosted the Atlantida Festival, a 12-hour live music event held at the Fiergs Exposition Center in Porto Alegre. The largest indoor festival in Brazil, this year’s event featured performances by Claus and Vanessa, Strike, NX Zero, Capital Inicial and Charlie Brown Jr. Porto Alegre- based sound company Lugphil Audio provided the live audio reinforcement system, which included a Soundcraft Vi6™ console.

With so many artists playing over the course of the day, Lugphil Audio needed an audio system that would enable easy transitions between musical acts. “We were looking for a console that would not only perform consistently over the course of a full day of music, but could also handle the rapid changes from one performer to another,” says Luiz Gonzaga, Lugphil Audio’s owner.

Gonzaga found the ideal solution in the Vi6, which features a Vistonics™ II touchscreen user interface, facilitating intuitive operation. “Beyond the traditional faders, there are diverse parameters controlled via the Vistonics II touchscreen,” Gonzaga says. “With the Vi6, we can create several different ‘scenes’ within one large project. When changing scenes, all the parameters automatically adjust. The Vi6 allows me to create, edit and modify each scene intuitively, quickly and reliably. This is vital for live events with numerous acts.”

Additionally, because of the Vi6’s intuitive user interface, other engineers on-site quickly familiarized themselves with the console. “The technicians quickly learned the technology and were operating the console within a few minutes,” Gonzaga says.

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