Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hidden Oaks Middle School Achieves Results With Hitachi Software StarBoards

-- Minnesota School Gets Enthusiastic Response For Learning With Hitachi StarBoards --

Hidden Oaks Middle School, in Prior Lake, Minnesota, selected Hitachi Software StarBoard interactive whiteboards to provide industry leading classroom technology. Purchased through Troxell Communications, the school uses the FXDUO-77 model StarBoards in math, social studies, and English classes.

“I’ve noticed that the students love to write utilizing the StarBoard. Now that I have the StarBoard in the room, there has been a significant increase in classroom engagement and participation more so than ever before,” stated Sarah Sheets, math teacher at Hidden Oaks Middle School. “When I’m teaching geometry, the ability to display shapes, rotate them, and use a protractor on the screen is very helpful. The StarBoard provides an abundance of tools that I can use quite easily. In fact, in using the StarBoard, there is greater value for the students and lesson enhancement.”

“I’ve reached the point where I use the StarBoard in class every day. The ability to make the lesson more interactive becomes a major advantage, especially with middle school students. Students really enjoy coming up to the board and are good at using it,” said Brent Stufft, English teacher at Hidden Oaks Middle School. “We use the StarBoard to do a lot of paragraph editing in English classes. We can take an article and set it up with mistakes for the students to find and correct. It makes the lesson much more interesting for the students to builds on their proof reading skills. Additionally, the ability to perform the editing exercises on the StarBoard is very time efficient,” added Mr. Stufft.

Mr. Stufft also feels the StarBoard is a great tool for his personal time management. “I have really taken advantage of the ability to save all my work and go back to it at another time.

Ms. Sheets is just beginning to realize the full potential of having the Hitachi StarBoard during her first year on classroom integration. “Even though I’m using it regularly, I learn something new every day.”

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