Tuesday, April 7, 2009

V&P Sound PVT. Ltd. Select Soundcraft MH2 and MH3 Analog Consoles For Rock Ethos 2009

V&P Sound PVT. Ltd. recently deployed a pair of Soundcraft MH2 and MH3 analog consoles at the annual Rock Ethos music festival in Bangalore, India on March 14th-15th. The MH’s delivered an outstanding sonic performance to the outdoor venue as well as tremendous versatility to the sound engineers.

The engineers of V&P Sound have mixed several events exclusively on the digital Soundcraft Vi6™, however this year’s Rock Ethos festival consisted of many independent engineers who did not have previous experience of mixing on the Vi6 so Director of V&P Sound, Vishnu deployed the more familiar MH2 and MH3 analog consoles for Rock Ethos 2009.

The MH2 performed beautifully at the monitor position and the outstanding performance at Rock Ethos reinforced the analog consoles capabilities of mixing live sound events. “The aux sends have plenty of output to drive the monitors to the proper levels and above all, the MH2 has the amazing classic British EQ,” said Mallesh, Monitor Engineer, V&P Sound.

The versatile capabilities of the Soundcraft MH3 console are ideally suited for both FOH and monitor use. “The Soundcraft MH3 has one of the best gain structures among analog consoles and the easy set-up, logical layout of matrix routing, mute groups and VCAs allowed the engineers to work fast and efficiently at Rock Ethos,” commented Vishnu. “We also would like thank Cinetekk (Mr. Varadhan Swamy) for all their support to us for Harman Pro products.”

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