Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AKG Announces New Limited Edition D 7 LTD Reference Class Dynamic Microphone

– AKG announced the release of the redesigned and limited edition D 7 LTD vocal microphone today at Musikmesse. AKG’s new reference dynamic microphone delivers high-end performance and exceptional sound for every studio and on stage application. The new deep-drawing Laminated Varimotion diaphragm allows the microphone to be fine-tuned without any extra tuning resonators. Also, the aesthetically pleasing D 7 LTD offers an elegant silhouette to visually compliment any performance.

The redesigned D 7 LTD creates a subtle and full-bodied sound in all frequency ranges that condenser microphones are famous for, but the D 7 LTD also has the powerful resonance to be an industry-leading dynamic microphone. The integrated high-pass filter permanently eliminates all handling noises and the new acoustical designed inner windscreen provides users with additional protection from unwarranted interruptions in live applications. The inner windscreen of the D 7 LTD can be replaced with the extra windscreen that is supplied with the microphone, to further expanding the lifespan and durability of the microphone.

“The release of the D 7 LTD microphone continues our dedication to providing the microphone industry with the most versatile and professional sounding microphone for every recording and live stage applications,” comments Alfred Reinprecht, Vice-President of Marketing at AKG. “The D 7 is a mainstay for many famous recording artists world-wide and we anticipate the same outcome for the D 7 LTD,” Reinprecht concludes.

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