Wednesday, October 15, 2008

India’s New Praja Rajyam Political Party Rallies Around JBL VERTEC® Line Arrays From Taher And V&P Sound

On August 26, an enthusiastic crowd of more than one million persons gathered to witness and support the establishment of a new political party in India. Launched by Chiranjeevi, one of the biggest stars in the Indian film industry who has now entered into politics, the new party's name is "Praja Rajyam" (meaning "People's Rule"). The fledgling party's event organizers chose the Ava Lila Tank site in the city of Tirupati, located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, to unveil its political program. Speeches, film clips and choreographed dance segments were included in the event. Sound reinforcement services for the ambitious multi-media outreach were supplied through a coordinated effort by Taher Sound & Lights of Hyderabad and V&P Sound Pvt. Ltd. of Bangalore.

"The venue selected for the huge outdoor gathering was very wide, and four main scaffold-based array hangs were designed for long-throw coverage, including a total of 44 JBL VT4889 full-size line array elements," explained Zakir Hussain of Taher Sound & Lights. "We have achieved excellent results since buying our first JBL VERTEC® system in 2004, and the system has been rider-friendly in India for some time. Now, with the new V4 DSP presets, the system sounds fantastic, we never have to do much EQ at all."

The VT4889 arrays, positioned along with large-scale video support screens to provide maximum penetration into the large audience area, were supplemented with a total of 24 VT4880/80A subwoofers. In addition, four arrays each including six VRX932LA portable line arrays were deployed for near-fill coverage. Quantities of JBL SRX725 enclosures were used as remote signal-delay arrays, and JBL VRX915M loudspeakers were in use for onstage monitors. The audio team relied on a Soundcraft MH-4 48-channel mixing console for system control, with loudspeaker management duties handled by dbx DriveRack 4800's and BSS FDS-366T's. Crown I-Tech's handled all power amplification requirements.

"Our team has been very pleased with the performance of the JBL VERTEC system for this and many other applications," advised P. Vishnu, the “P” of V & P Sound Pvt. Ltd. "The VERTEC boxes are lightweight. The rigging is fast and secure. The JBL transducers are robust. Overall, our staff engineers and clients alike find the system to be very flexible, with exceptional audio fidelity."

Taher Sound & Lights can be reached at + 91-98498-08354

V&P Sound Pvt. Ltd. can be reached at or

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