Friday, September 12, 2008

Dove Sales Named National Religious Reseller Sales Rep Firm For Periscope Book Light In A BookCover Products

Strengthening its commitment to meet the needs of religious trade resellers across the United States, Periscope® today announced the appointment of Dove Sales, a unit of the Omco/LaSalle Company, Inc. of South Bend, Indiana, to serve as the exclusive channel sales rep firm for the entire Periscope® Book Light in a Bookcover™ product line.

Effective immediately, according to Periscope® President Eric Fisherman, Dove Sales will assume responsibility for representing the company’s hardcover and paperback Periscope Book Light in a Bookcovers, as well as the company’s Periscope® Executive Lighted Portfolio™ and future product introductions. “We are very proud to have Bob Cramer and the entire Dove Sales team join the growing Periscope sales organization. Their team of dedicated professionals will help to bring a new level of reading enjoyment to millions of consumers.”

Amplifying the same point, Bob Cramer, Sales Manager of Dove Sales, today noted that, “Periscope offers the industry’s only integrated book light in a bookcover. Not only will the Periscope Book Light in a Bookcover never leave the book being read; it’s ideal for accommodating Bibles!”

Periscope’s patented LED Book Light in a Bookcover is easy to use and only requires three AA batteries rather than clunky cords, wires or plugs. The bright LED book light is stored in the spine of the book cover, protecting the book you are reading while making it impossible to forget the book light.

The Periscope Book Light in a Bookcover lets you read what you want where you want in all types of low-light reading environments —while protecting your reading privacy. Both the hardcover and paperback models feature a LED book light, a book cover, and a bookmark in a single lightweight unit. Unlike other reading lights, the Periscope book light is always with the book you are reading!

Readers never have to search for or carry a separate light for the hardcover or paperback book they’re reading. Simply slip the book into the Periscope book cover (there are separate covers for hardcover and mass market paperback books), pull up the retractable light that’s stored in the spine of the book cover and start reading in all low light environments! The Periscope adjustable twin, wide-angle LED light automatically turns on when the arm is extended and shuts off when collapsed into the cover. What’s more, because the light is totally adjustable, readers can put the reading light precisely where they want it for maximum reading comfort. And, because Periscope is battery powered by three AA batteries that deliver over 40 hours of continuous light, there are no cords or plugs to worry about.

The Periscope paperback Book Light in a Bookcover fits all mass market sized soft cover books and carries a suggested retail price of $34.95. The Periscope hardcover Book Light in a Bookcover carries a suggested retail price of only $39.95 and accommodates best-seller hardcover, trade paperbacks, and Bibles. Both models come with a built-in bookmark and inside pockets to hold tickets or other travel documents. A mini travel AC adapter is available for both models for a suggested retail price of $14.95.

Religious trade resellers interested in learning more about carrying the product line should contact Robert Cramer, Dove Sales, 4315 Ralph Jones Court, South Bend, Indiana 46628; 1.800.253.8144. Robert Cramer can be reached by email at For more information about the entire Periscope product line, visit

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