Monday, April 21, 2008

Hitachi Interactive Whiteboards Add Up For Batesville Math Classes

Batesville Magnet Schools in Batesville, Arkansas have accelerated learning in their math classes with Hitachi Interactive FX-series Whiteboards. Applied across grades four through eight, classroom use of these high-tech teaching tools highlights Batesville Schools’ commitment to providing the very best education for their students. And the successes they’ve seen with the boards illustrate the effectiveness of Hitachi Software products for educators.

“Having such a powerful visual aid makes the lessons go so much quicker, everything is right up there for the students to see,” said Angie Bone, an eighth grade math teacher for Batesville Junior High. “I can put my worksheets right on the board without taking the time to write everything out.”

Bone has also found that using the board makes it easier to juggle lessons for students in all class levels: Advanced Algebra I and all levels of 8th grade math. At the end of each lesson, all she needs to do is capture the period’s work and save it, then open up the previous day’s work to continue where the next class left off the day before.

She also enjoys using the “Screen Block” feature with her worksheets, putting problems on the board and covering the answers. After giving students a chance to work on the problems, she can reveal the answers with a quick move of her pen. The interactive capability makes for a more captivating experience for the students.

The board also allows her to work through complicated algebra step-by-step. “It’s really important for the students to see the whole process,” continued Ms. Bone. “I’ll work through the problem and when we’re finished, I can easily clear the annotations for the next class. It’s a real time saver!”

Ms. Bone has also found the included Mult-e-Maths features very helpful. Mult-e-Maths Toolbox LE is an interactive math tool package created by Cambridge-Hitachi exclusively for Hitachi Software, compatible with any current StarBoard interactive product. “The Mult-e-Maths features really help me illustrate my lessons on the board. For example, I often use the protractor tool to show angles,” added Ms. Bone. “If I didn’t have that, I guess I’d have to use a regular old protractor, which wouldn’t get as strong a response from the students. The students respond better to everything with the board!”

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