Monday, March 24, 2008

Universal Cinema Services Keeps Rave Motion Pictures On The Cutting Edge With Harman Pro Group Cinema Companies JBl Professional And Crown

Universal Cinema Services, one of the most successful cinema system consulting and installation firms in the United States, has enjoyed continued success with Harman Pro Cinema Group products, as evidenced by its installation of JBL Professional ScreenArray® loudspeakers and Crown DSi amplifiers in Rave Motion Pictures theaters across the United States.

Based in Dallas, TX, Rave Motion Pictures owns more than 25 multiplex theaters throughout the Midwest and southern United States. One of the more upscale theater circuits in the country, Rave became the largest exhibition chain to outfit every screen in each theater with digital projection. Additionally, each screen offers digital surround sound and stadium seating.

To provide an audio experience that meets the high standards for which Rave has become known, Universal Cinema Services has installed Harman audio systems in all Rave theater locations throughout the country. Many of these installations feature JBL Professional ScreenArray loudspeakers and Crown DSi amplifiers, which integrate seamlessly to deliver uniform coverage and unmatched clarity, while providing the power necessary for high-performance cinema systems.

JBL Professional ScreenArray loudspeakers feature JBL’s best technical innovations, integrated in a system design that provides superior coverage, maximum power handling, and uniform acoustic power output, along with extremely low distortion. The ScreenArray design provides ideal power response and directivity control with seamless transitions between acoustic sections. The Crown DSi Series was engineered from the ground up for cinema applications and is composed of three two-channel amplifier models and an eight-channel system monitor. An intuitive front-panel LCD guides installers through the process of choosing loudspeaker signal processing presets and other system parameters.

"Our company, Universal Cinema Services, has represented JBL and Crown for many years,” said Stan Lamb, President and Chief Operating Officer, Universal Cinema Services. “We are continually impressed with the high quality and competitive pricing that we can provide to our customers. The collaboration of JBL and Crown's engineering departments has produced matched components that are, we feel, superior offerings in the marketplace. The ‘wow’ factor that the latest generation of stage speakers and amps provides is nothing short of amazing. We look forward to our continued partnership with JBL and Crown as we work together toward the theater of the future."

“Universal Cinema Services has remained at the forefront of cinema design and installation for decades, thanks to the company’s utilization of the highest-quality technology components to provide the best movie experience possible,” said Stephen Morris, Harman Pro Group Vice President of Cinema Sales & Marketing. “The audio systems at Rave theaters across the country are the result of Harman and Universal Cinema’s mutual commitment to innovation.”

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