Monday, March 24, 2008

Marcus Theatres Turns To Harman Pro Cinema Group Companies JBL Professional and Crown To Deliver At New UltraScreen Theater In Pickerington

Leading cinema group Marcus Theatres® has recently installed a Digital-B-Chain™ Cinema sound system in its new UltraScreen® theater in Pickerington, OH. The Digital-B-Chain system features loudspeakers from JBL Professional and amplification, networking and processing from Crown Audio.

The Pickerington UltraScreen, featuring a 70-foot-wide screen, is a brand-new 400-seat auditorium, and is Marcus Theatres’ 10th Digital-B-Chain installation. The stage speakers consist of three channels of Academy Award-winning JBL ScreenArray® 4632 loudspeakers with a column of six 4642A dual 18-inch subwoofers. Additionally, the unique surround system features four JBL AC2212/00 loudspeakers on each side wall and one AM4315/95 loudspeaker in each corner. Nine Crown CT3000 amplifiers loaded with DBC network digital audio modules power the system, providing 27,000 total watts of power all with the highest resolution digital signal processing. “When I discussed the unique surround requirements with Mark Collins, I realized that the systems from JBL’s Application Engineered Series, designed specifically for themed entertainment venues, would provide the ideal high powered surround effects, “ said Chuck Goodsell, Director of Cinema Marketing, JBL Professional. “The Progressive Transition Waveguides™ featured in the AM and AC Series combine outstanding pattern control with undistorted natural sound throughout the auditorium.”

“The system at Pickerington is similar to other Harman systems we have installed in the past, but with fewer speakers and a higher power rating,” said Mark Collins, Director of Projection Technology, Marcus Theatres. “The eight AC2212/00 loudspeakers on the side walls and two AM4315/95 loudspeakers in the back corners provide great coverage, and the setup was extremely quick and easy.”

Goodsell further comments, “The Harman Pro Cinema Group’s Digital B-Chain technology offers unmatched control and versatility, while being optimized to perform seamlessly with Digital Cinema systems. Our continuing successful relationship with Mark Collins and Marcus Theatres is an example of Harman’s ability to meet the needs of one of the most technologically advanced theater circuits in the United States.”

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