Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Biamp Systems Partners With InfoComm And EMS To Provide Educational Programs That Advance System Design And Integration

Biamp® Systems-supported AV CareerCorps Program provides U.S. contracting businesses with entry-level job-seekers with demonstrated interest and aptitude in audio video communications;

InfoComm Academy, providing experienced AV professionals with comprehensive educational programs on new and emerging technologies and techniques, is also supported by Biamp Systems’ commitment to education and training.

FRANKFURT, GERMANY, 12 March, 2008 — In a further demonstration of its continuing and evolving commitment to technology education and training, Biamp® Systems is partnering with InfoComm on two critical programs to populate the audio video contracting community with the best-suited, best-trained and best-informed integration professionals available.

Biamp Systems is supporting InfoComm’s new AV CareerCorps Program that is designed to educate job-seekers about AV career opportunities, identify people who want to work in the AV industry, and provide them with a basic level of training from which to build. Members of the CareerCorps were taught both interpersonal and technical skills that are required in the AV industry. After the training was completed, eight industry leaders interviewed program participants on the spot for open positions in their AV companies.

Biamp Systems is also a sponsor of the InfoComm Academy AV Advanced Design Course training program in Johannesburg, South Africa. Co-produced by EMS Africa and InfoComm Africa in partnership with AV Specialist magazine, InfoComm Academy AV Advanced Design Course provides comprehensive technology and best practices training in new and emerging technologies and techniques.

The AV Advanced Design Course comprises three three-day modules: EMS Africa hosted 30 experienced AV professionals and four university students for the first module in October, will host the second module in March and the third and final module is planned for May this year.

“At Biamp Systems we recognize that the optimum performance of our technologies is ultimately contingent upon the skills of the integrator,” explained Steve Metzger, Biamp Systems Vice President of Business Development. “It’s for this reason that we work closely with integrators to design and build products that address their needs — but also why we work with InfoComm, EMS Africa and the integration community to ensure professional education and training services are current, comprehensive — and widely available!

Echoing this sentiment, InfoComm Executive Director Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., said today, “Biamp Systems is an exemplary manufacturer because its managers understand their role is not simply to move boxes, but to build systems in concert with the community of systems integrators, consultants, architects and end-users. Biamp Systems’ digital audio network technologies are indeed impressive, but the company’s broad vision and deep commitment to education and training is what makes it an outstanding member of InfoComm.”

According to Dennis Feldman, Managing Director, EMS Africa, training and education are as critical as product features and specifications. “Digital audio and video technologies present integrators and their customers with boundless opportunities for enhanced communication, collaboration and expression, but without comprehensive training and sales support, the true potential rarely materializes. At EMS Africa, we take a holistic approach that includes products, service, support and training and as such we provide our customers with better value and a greater opportunity to achieve cohesive integration.”

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